Perth Royal Show 2007, Part 9

We hit sideshow alley and the rides last of all. We used a couple of our $2 off coupons so they cost us $6.00 instead of $8.00 a ride. Jac went on her favourite, the Wave Swinger, and then we had a go on the bumper cars. I was torn between driving the bumper car and taking photos while sitting in the bumper car – couldn’t do both! In the end I left the camera in my bag and enjoyed being in the driver’s seat. I always laugh at how young boys scream when you crash into them. Hahaha.

From one of the Ghost Trains

Bumper cars

Python Loop

Hard core

Ghost Train

Ghost Train

Bumper cars

The Ranger

The Mega Drop was one of the most hyped up rides at the Show. This is its description in the Show programme: “This beast towers over the Showground at 45m. If you’re up for it, you will experience a 5.5G-force plummet to earth travelling at 204kmph. It doesn’t get much faster than that”. Call me a wuss, but that doesn’t sound appealing to me!

Mega Drop  Mega Drop

Here’s Jac’s favourite, the Wave Swinger.

Wave swinger

I reckon the Wave Swinger makes for great photos.

Wave swinger

I know it would probably be fantastic to be up there on a swing, but I had a fun taking the photos from below. I love the bare feet in this photo!

Wave swinger

We didn’t make it onto the Ferris Wheel this time – it was just so busy and we didn’t feel like standing in a queue for ages. Maybe another time.

Ferris Wheel

I always think when you’re standing in the middle of the showground, the rides look like they’re too close together.

They look too close together

When they pick up speed and really get going, they look like they’ll crash into each other, or at least touch. But of course they won’t.

They look too close together

Super Jump

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Car Rides

Everyone wins a prize

As the sun started to set, we checked out the Indonesia display (Indonesia was the Guest Nation this year). But I was more interested in the Indonesian food stalls than the cultural displays. After doing a lap around to check out what was available, I chose this delicious chicken dish called “Ayam Manado” with rice, which we shared. The chicken had been slow-cooked with tomatoes and chilli and was beautifully tender. There wasn’t any room in the tent to sit down and eat, so we grabbed a milk crate to use as a table and dined on the soft grass outside.

Ayam Manado

We also got a couple of sticks of chicken satay. Unfortunately, they were partially raw. What a shame!

Chicken satay

Here’s a miscellaneous photo – taken with experimental settings.

Oooh crazy movement

I always have a great time at the Show. Maybe next time we should try a little harder to conserve enough energy to stick around for the fireworks. :)


And with this, my Perth Royal Show 2007 posts have come to an end. Hope you’ve enjoyed them.

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