Weekend food

Saturday (6/10): Jac fried bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast.

Bacon, eggs and tomato

Soft egg yolks, fresh cracked black pepper… perfect.

Eggs close up

She made herself a fried egg, bacon, tomato and BBQ sauce toasted sandwich. Here’s the sandwich before it actually was a sandwich – before she bunged the piece of toast on top.

Jac's sandwich, top off

Breaky filled us up, and I didn’t end up having lunch that day. But then around 3pm I felt a little peckish, and so Jac got me a snack while she was at the shops – BBQ chicken wings. They had an interesting flavour, sort of like barbecue sauce, sort of like satay, with a distinct hint of curry. That may sound strange, but they were very yummy wings.

BBQ chicken wings

Sunday: dinner was chicken cacciatore, rice, green vegies (cabbage and peas) and orange mash (pumpkin and sweet potato). Of course, I picked out all the olives and gave them to Jac. :)

Chicken cacciatore, rice, green veg and orange mash

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