Work lunches

This is just how far behind I’ve gotten with posts – here are my lunches from not last week, but the week before!

Tuesday (2/10): I had a late lunch at uni – yes, uni. I left work at noon and caught the bus to uni to meet up with my PhD supervisor. I timed our meeting so I would have enough time to travel to uni and eat a bowl of curry laksa (AU$6.50 – I think) before we met up. This was soooooooo good. The curry soup was utterly delicious and exactly what I have been missing in all those other laksas and curry noodle soups I’ve eaten recently. With plump prawns, lots of squishy tofu, fish cake, sliced chicken, egg noodles and rice noodles, I was in heaven. Uni curry laksa, I’ve missed you so much!

Wednesday: I dined in at Han’s on my own and enjoyed my plate of Pad Thai (AU$8.95). I didn’t touch the lemon, the chilli nor the peanuts, but everything else on the plate was yummy.

Pad Thai

Thursday: S and I went to Toraya again. It’s just a very pleasant place to sit and eat and talk, and the food is simple but tasty and comes out really fast. S had the teriyaki fish bento (medium size):

Teriyaki fish

S had a bowl of miso soup with her meal. She was sticking stamps on a letter just as the food arrived – in the top left corner of this photo you can see the stamps, which are part of the “Big Things” series of stamps – the ones in the photo depict the Big Pineapple and the Big Banana. I’ve been to the Big Pineapple, but hope to see other Big Things some day. I’d love to travel around Australia on a Big Things Tour.

Miso soup

I ordered a serve of chicken karaage (AU$4) and a chicken salad (AU$6).

Chicken karaage and chicken salad

The karaage was as good as ever. Freshly deep-fried, juicy chicken enclosed in a coating of crispy batter. I’ve become addicted to that chilli mayonaise they serve with it.

Chicken karaage

The chicken salad was very simple but tasty. I liked the sort of fish tail effect with the lettuce leaf at the top of the dish. The dressing had garlic and sesame oil in it and tasted as great as it smelled. Mmmm, I took a minute to just inhale the smell of the sesame oil when the bowl was placed in front of me. Sesame oil has to be one of my favourite smells. That, frying bacon and… what else…? What are your favourite smells?

Chicken salad

Friday: S and I went to the Station Street Markets and got lunch at the curry stall.

I had one meat curry (chicken, of course!), one vegie curry (zucchini and beans) and rice. This was the conversation with the curry man when I ordered:
tfp: I’ll have the one meat, one vegie and rice combo please.
Curry man: OK. What meat curry you want?
tfp (at normal volume, or so she thought!): Chicken please.
Curry man:Beef? Lamb?
tfp (a little louder): Chicken.
Curry man: Beef?
tfp (a little louder again): Chicken.
Curry man: Lamb?
tfp (pointing): CHICKEN, PLEASE.
Curry man: Oh, chicken, OK. Now what vegie you want?
Curry man: Potato? Chick peas?
(You get the idea!)

Heheheh. We got there in the end. S was quietly chortling as she watched this little exchange. But then she had to go through it herself when it was her turn. The food wasn’t much to look at – you can see, it was kind of splattered onto the plate, but I thought it was pretty good. I was rather pleased to be given a chicken thigh. That’s the secret to pleasing me I think, when serving me chicken on the bone. Just give me a nicely cooked thigh and I’m all yours! :-P I think my combo was $8 or $9 from memory. I forget the exact cost – seems like so long ago!

Curry combo

S had a vegetarian combo:

Vegetarian combo

I still have lots of food pics to catch up on. If I don’t get caught up at work and can escape at a reasonable hour, I’ll post tomorrow evening too.

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