A two-wrap week (work lunches)

The toasted wraps from MYO are currently my favourite lunch item. :-D I had two of them this week and I know I will have more again next week!

Tuesday. The last couple of times I had a wrap for lunch I still felt a little hungry afterwards. This week, I boofed up the meal with a cup of soup. But now that we’re in November, with summer starting next month I have a feeling MYO will soon stop selling soup, so I don’t think I’ll be able to continue with the wrap and soup meal. I’ll have to think of Plan B.

Juice, wrap, soup/div>

I got pumpkin soup with a big spoonful (yeah, OK, maybe two spoonfuls) of croutons. As I know I’ll be taking a photo, I always try to get the soup into the cup without splashing the sides. I usually fail. :)

Pumpkin soup and croutons

In the wrap I had chicken, swiss cheese, cos lettuce, hard-boiled egg and sundried tomatoes, with a little mayonaise. As you can see from all my wrap photos, chicken is the major component.

Chicken wrap from MYO

Wednesday. I went to Nippon Fare and got teriyaki soba, which I haven’t done for quite a while.

Teriyaki soba

To go with my noodles I also had vegetable tempura (that’s a single serve in the photo). Nippon Fare’s food is always delicious, but I think next week I’ll have to eat at Toraya again. I’m craving karaage donburi.

Vegetable tempura

Thursday. In the mood for another wrap. They have green ones available, which are apparently spinach. To be honest, once it was toasted and stuffed with fillings I couldn’t really taste the difference. Looks good though, eh?

Toasted spinach wrap

To go with my wrap, I had a cup of chicken and corn soup with croutons. The soups are pleasant enough, but I always think they could do with a little more seasoning. But then, that might be tfp the salty-food-lover complaining there.

Chicken and corn soup with croutons

In my wrap I had chicken, swiss cheese, corn kernels, mushrooms, cos lettuce and curried egg. The curried egg served as a sauce, and really hit the spot. The top side of the wrap has grill lines on it, while the bottom just gets nice and brown. I love how crispy the wrap gets from the toasting.

The underside... nice and toasty!

Friday. Everyone else in the team felt like gozleme. I had char kway teow, which was as good as it always is. I’ll have to ask the people who run the Chinese stall what they’re planning to do once the Pavilion Markets are closed at the end of the year. If they leave for good without setting up shop somewhere in the vicinity I’ll definitely miss their food.

Char kway teow

No photos from Monday’s lunch – I had green curry chicken rice from Han’s and thought you’ve probably seen enough photos of that. :) (Here’s a reminder).

Today, I’m watching DVDs while reading and working on the blog. Tomorrow, I’m staying home while Jac goes out to watch the Red Bull Air Race with friends. I was invited too, but this is the first weekend I’ve really had the chance to spring clean my computer. It’s been screaming for a cleaning for the last couple of months – and I do mean screaming – it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve given it a good clean, and the fans have been getting noisier and noisier due to a buildup of dust. It’s a shame I’ll be missing the race, but it’s all a matter of priorities. Jac’s making one of her caesar salads to take along tomorrow, and she’s promised to make me a little one to eat for my lunch at home.

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