Curry and chips (though not at the same time!)

Dinner on Thursday night, while out at the shops. We shared some Indian from Maya Masala. First, a succulent piece of chicken tikka.

Chicken tikka

Then, a large combination with rice and two meat curries and one vegetable curry. We each chose a meat dish; Jac chose lamb and spinach curry and I chose butter chicken (surprise surprise!). Our vegetable curry choice was the eggplant curry. It was all very tasty, but I thought the lamb could’ve been cooked a little longer so it was more tender, and less chewy. We enjoyed it all though. Curry always looks like BLEEEEEARGH! on a plate… but believe me, it was delicious.

Lamb and spinach curry, butter chicken and eggplant curry

On our way back towards Woolworths to do the grocery shopping, we stopped at Jesters to share a bucket of hot chips with garlic salt. I still think the best hot chips to be had at Carousel are at Jesters – they cook them to order, so they are always piping hot and fresh. And you have a choice of chicken salt, garlic salt or plain salt. One thing I love about Jac is that she loves garlic as much as me – she’s always up for hot chips with a generous sprinkling of garlic salt.

Hot chips with garlic salt

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