Dinners at home

For dinner on Monday night, Jac had thawed out a couple of freezer bags of Mexican chilli. These had been leftovers from previous Mexican dinners, which she served on baked potatoes. On the left, beef chilli con carne, on the right, turkey and bean chilli con carne. The turkey mix was my favourite. I’d enjoyed it so much the first time.

Stuffed potatoes - Mexican mix

We ate our stuffed potatoes with salad.


I’d stopped by Regent Bakery on Francis St in Northbridge on my way home, and picked up a few items for sweets. This bright green triangle is the pandan cake. The cake had a soft and fluffy texture with a nice pandan flavour.

Pandan cake

I also got a whole egg cake, which we’d enjoyed the last time we got stuff from Regent. We thought of you when we ate it, Juji!

Whole egg cake

And for me, me alone – a durian custard bun. Jac doesn’t like durian. The durian custard was more savoury than sweet though, so it wasn’t much of a dessert :) Notice the little spikes on the bun? I presume they signify durian (never seen a durian before? See this Google image search). I could smell the durian as soon as I sniffed the paper bag the bun was in.

Durian custard bun

If I have a custard bun I like it to be really filled FULL of custard. I should bite into the bun and custard should ooze out. Sadly, that didn’t happen with this bun. It was OK, but not the amazing custardy duriany experience it could’ve been.

Durian custard bun innards

On Wednesday night, we had grilled crimson snapper fillet with steamed vegetables and oven-baked potato wedges. Simple but delicious. The fish fillets were nice big ones, too.

Crimson snapper fillet with steamed vegetables and ovenbaked potato wedges

On Thursday night I grabbed takeaway dinner from Poppo. We had beef bulgogi and rice…

Beef bulgogi

…and stir-fried vegetables. The beef was lovely. It was sliced super thin and very garlicky. The vegetables consisted mostly of mung bean sprouts, which I love. If they didn’t go off so quickly I’d buy them more often so I’d always have some ready to go in the fridge.

Stir-fried vegetables

I had to order a serve of gyoza. I looooove the chewy gyoza skin, probably even more than the filling. And the spicy chilli and soy dipping sauce is fantastic.


Jac has the kimchee all to herself.


I also got a garden salad – finely shredded cabbage and lettuce, tomato, cucumber and corn, with a soy dressing on the side.

Garden salad

My plate (I ate salad straight out of the box). The gyoza dipping sauce was chunkier than usual, with big bits of chilli. It was spicier than usual, but very good indeed.

My plate

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