Friday night KFC craving

On Friday I skipped Christmas drinks after work and instead went with Jac to Curtin University to attend the opening of Department of Art’s Degree Show 2007. My sister Juji’s Honours project work was on display, along with the work of many other art students. As it was the official opening, there were speeches, awards, and most importantly – food! I didn’t take any photos, as the people serving the food were swooped on by hungry people, hands everywhere! We ate strawberries stuffed with a kind of coffee cream, fresh cherries, an assortment of sushi with soy sauce, spring rolls and samosas dipped in chilli sauce, blanched asparagus with a bearnaise-like dipping sauce, and cold cooked prawns – my favourite. Although we did eat quite a few goodies – I had to resort to stalking food bearers though, damn, they moved fast! – I still needed dinner. Jac had a hankering for KFC, and that’s what we picked up for dinner on our way home.

KFC Original recipe (my favourite – a thigh and a drumstick), chips and coleslaw – yummy.

KFC Original Recipe, chips and coleslaw

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