Tiffin carrier

Last weekend, Jac’s mum’s friend E kindly made us some biryani and curry, which she sent along to us in a tiffin carrier.

Tiffin carrier

In the top tier was finely chopped fried cabbage and carrot, and a dish of yoghurt and mint sauce (raita).

Vegie and raita

In the second tier was the curry – Jac thought it was lamb, I thought it was mutton (same animal, right? Let’s just say we thought it was “sheep meat” :))


And in the bottom tier was the rice – this had meat in it too – and fried shallots. So very yummy. I think E had been talking with Jac’s mum about curry and Jac’s mum said we loved it – and off she went and cooked this for us! Wasn’t that sweet of her?


We washed and returned the tiffin carrier, but I told Jac we should definitely get one. They are so handy. I can’t believe I don’t already own one. My kind of picnic *basket*.

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