What a week: Wednesday – the disobedient patient

I stayed home to look after Jac on Wednesday. Of course you guys know I love her, but she drove me crazy! :) She felt pretty good following her procedure and kept wanting to do things around the house rather than rest and take it easy as she’d been directed by the cardio.

A few typical conversations:

tfp: What are you doing?
Jac: I’m just going to wash the dishes.
tfp: Can you please leave those? I’ll do them. You’re not supposed to be doing anything!

[short time lapse…]

tfp: What are you doing now?
Jac: I thought I’d just put on some washing.
tfp: Sweetheart, you’re not supposed to be doing housework! Can you please leave it for now? I’ll do it!

[more time passes…]

tfp: Jac, what are you doing?!
Jac [standing on the bed, fiddling with the overhead light]: Just trying to fix the bedroom light.
tfp: *#(@$%, sweetie!

Late morning, before lunch time Jac asked if I could go and check my PO Box to see if some DVDs I’d ordered recently had arrived. I figured if the DVDs had indeed come in then Jac might actually be happy to sit on the couch and watch them for a while, instead of trying to do things around the house. I suggested she take a nap on the couch and made her promise not to do any household chores while I was out. Luckily she was feeling tired by this time (not surprisingly!) and did actually stay on the couch.

I went up the street, checked the PO Box and sure enough, the DVDs were there. I bought some kway teow takeaway for both of us to have for lunch. We watched Law and Order SVU Season 3 (SVU’s one of her favourite TV shows) for the rest of the afternoon.

Fried kway teow

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so relieved she’s been feeling so well, but she seriously needs to learn to relax when required! :)

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