Gotta love a toastie

This was the breakfast Jac made for me last Sunday morning – a ham and tomato toasted sandwich on multi-grain bread.

I had requested my toastie with no cheese. The tomato tasted fresh, sweet and juicy, and was the best part of the toastie. I reckon sandwiches taste better when cut into triangles – whether the bread is cut into half or quarters doesn’t matter to me as much as that it’s cut into triangles. After almost 11 years together, Jac is well aware of this. :)

Ham and tomato toasted sandwich

It’s going to be a busy but fun weekend. This morning, I’m meeting someone for breakfast (details to come, hopefully!) and then later in the afternoon Jac and I will be checking into a hotel to spend the evening, a late Valentine’s treat. We’ll be going out for dinner tonight – still undecided where – and then have the hotel’s buffet breakfast on Sunday morning. So while there won’t be a lot of time to blog this weekend – I’m still sorting through this week’s batch of photos and will probably run out of time to post before going out this morning – there’ll definitely be lots of deliciousness to come, including (I have to tease!) rainbow mud cake.

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