No need for gravy!

Last weekend, we had a turkey thigh roast for Saturday night’s dinner. There were a whole pile of these as well as turkey breast roasts on sale at the frozen foods section at the supermarket – surplus stock from Christmas time, no doubt.

We love dark poultry meat, and thigh is my absolute favourite. I find it to be juicy and moist and far more flavourful than breast meat. Here’s the turkey thigh roast, fresh out of the oven and left on a rack to rest.

Turkey thigh roast

Jac had also roasted some vegies along with the turkey thigh – onions, carrots, potatoes and butternut pumpkin.

Roast potato, onion, carrot and pumpkin

I took the following video of Jac carving the roast. Apologies for the noises in the background – there was something on the telly, but I can’t remember what the programme was. The noise makes it sound like we’ve got a party going on, but I assure you, we didn’t! The other noise in the background after Jac’s finished carving is her rummaging around the pots and pans in the cupboard looking for something – not sure what!

Behold, my plate! I find this turkey thigh roast to be so tasty on its own I never need any gravy for it. I could just stand over the chopping board and chomp away at the sliced turkey, needing nothing else. If there happens to gravy, I’ll happily eat it with the turkey, but on this occasion, I told Jac not to bother making gravy. She ate her turkey with lingonberry jam we’d bought from IKEA to eat with Swedish meatballs – (1) to use up the lingonberry jam, as there’s still lots left, and (2) we didn’t have any cranberry sauce. Jac had also steamed snowpeas and cauliflower (she always likes to have something green on the plate!), and in the freezer we’d found an old wholemeal bread roll she’d converted to garlic bread some time ago. We popped that in the oven in some silver foil. That’s what you see at the top of my plate, above the pumpkin and potato. The turkey meat looks quite pink, but it was most definitely cooked, succulent and delicious. We got a few meals out of the one roast, so it was very good value. For breakfast the next day I ate turkey roast cut into chunks, in a bowl of Heinz baked beans with the last of the roasted onions, and Jac made herself a turkey thigh roast sandwich with mustard and more lingonberry jam.

My plate. No need for gravy!

These days I find that I’m so utterly drained from the working week that the measly two days of weekend simply aren’t enough to do everything I want or need to do. If you’ve sent me an email in the past week, rest assured I’m not ignoring you! I will reply to you soon, I promise.

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