A spicy breakfast

I’ve really enjoyed reading about what everyone loves to eat for breakfast. Here’s another breakfast-themed post.

Last Monday was the Labour Day public holiday in Western Australia. I love long weekends – we really should have three day weekends on a permanent basis. We slept in, and when I woke up it was after 9AM – such a luxury, as I normally get up at 4:45AM on work days. On this occasion at this unusually leisurely hour, it was just me in the bed with Pixel at my feet… and the most delicious smells wafting in from the kitchen. No doubt as to what Jac was up to!

She’d retrieved a batch of leftover tomato-based chicken casserole from the freezer and combined it with a 420g tin of Woolworths Select Mexican Chilli Beans in a pan on the stove. She’d placed washed lettuce leaves for garnish on the plates, and on top of the hot Mexican-style chicken and chilli bean mix, she placed a fried egg. She fried my egg just how I like it, sunny side up, with the yolk still soft and gooey.

Mexican-style chilli and a fried egg

She’d cooked her egg just how she likes it – over easy. As you may have noticed, the plates are pasta dishes (hence the green, white and red trim and the little drawing of an Italian waiter – underneath are the words “Bon appetito”)!

Mexican-style chilli and an egg over easy

With black pepper freshly cracked over our eggs, we tucked into our meals. We mopped up every bit of Mexican bean mix (and for me, bright orange gooey egg yolk) with chunks of buttered bread. A strong-flavoured, spicy breakfast to start the day. Definitely not to everyone’s taste for the first meal of the day, but we thought it was delicious and enjoyed every morsel.

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