Fantastic bacon and egg sandwich

During previous excursions to the lunch bar named 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth) I’ve noticed four magic words written on the breakfast menu chalkboard: bacon and egg sandwich. These four words burned themselves into my mind, and kept popping up in my thoughts during the week: bacon and egg sandwich! Bacon and egg sandwich! BACON AND EGG SANDWICH! BACON AND EGG SANDWICH!

On Thursday I gave in. I took a detour on my way to work and went to 88 Royal to buy a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast. I was given the choice of tomato, barbecue or chilli sauce – I chose barbecue.

I could’ve eaten it at one of the tables inside or outside the lunch bar, but I carried the bag containing my sandwich wrapped in greaseproof paper back to the office so I could photograph it in better lighting conditions. The bag felt gorgeously warm and the tantalising bacon smell broke through the two layers of paper and kept me in constant drool as I walked. The thickness of the paper bag suggested it would be a very thickly cut sandwich. I thought about nothing else but eating that bacon and egg sandwich.

Back at my desk I unwrapped the sandwich and knew instantly I would absolutely love it. The thick slices of fresh bread had been very lightly toasted so the sandwich was still quite soft in the middle, but the crusts had a satisfyingly good chew to them. The fried egg had a gooey yolk – I love love LOVE that in a bacon and egg sandwich. You can see where the yolk has soaked bright yellow through the centre of the sandwich.

Bacon and egg sandwich

When I took my first bite it was pure, glorious savoury pleasure. Although the sandwich had been toasted unbuttered on the outside, it had been buttered on the inside! So each bite was eggy, bacony, barbecue saucy and buttery – deliciousness and guilt overload!

Bacon and egg sandwich close-up

Just look at the beautiful gooey orange egg yolk. And the slight yellow tinge to the bread beneath the bacon – that’s butter, soaked into the bread. Oh yeah. These people really know how to make a bacon and egg sandwich.

Gooey egg yolk

I reckon I could eat one of these every second day! Barbecue sauce one day, tomato sauce the next… But I’m going to seriously limit my intake of these. Especially since Jac also makes excellent bacon and egg sandwiches. :)

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