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27/02/2008. A hot cross bun from Cafe Cafe. Spread with butter, it was a tasty snack for morning tea. The bun was covered with a sweet, sugary glaze that left my fingers terribly sticky, neccesitating a trip to the sink afterwards.

First hot cross bun

28/02/2008. My boss and I grabbed toasted sandwiches at MYO for breakfast. I made myself a chicken, tomato and Swiss cheese toastie on multi-grain bread.

Chicken, tomato and Swiss cheese toasted sandwich

The grill surface of the sandwich maker created the stripey effect on the toasties. The crisp texture of the corrugated bread made my toastie a gorgeously pleasurable sandwich to eat. I asked the MYO manager to cut it into quarters for me before she wrapped it up for me to take away. It’s so much easier eating a toasted sandwich that has tomato slices in it when it’s been cut into quarters.

Chicken, tomato and Swiss cheese toasted sandwich

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