Max’s birthday

Last Sunday, we celebrated Jac’s nephew Max’s 5th birthday with family barbecue lunch. It was quite a feast!

A garden salad with hard-boiled eggs, cheddar cheese cubes and avocado.

Salad with hard-boiled eggs and avocado

Jac’s brother B’s special coleslaw, made with white and red cabbage.


Creamy potato salad with more hard boiled egg – yum!

Potato salad

A fruit platter, with red apple, rockmelon, nectarine and tinned pineapple slices.


B cooked up three different kinds of sausages on the barbie, along with freshly sliced onions.

Sausages and onions on the barbie

There were two kinds of beef sausages – Italian-style, and herb and garlic. The palest ones were chicken kiev-flavoured, and I couldn’t wait to try those.

A few last turns

I didn’t think the chicken kiev ones tasted particularly like chicken kiev – it’s not like I took a bite and thought, “Gee, this tastes sort of like chicken kiev!” But they were really tasty.


There was a dish of buttered bread rolls, so anyone who wished could make their own hot dog(s).

Buttered bread rolls

Here’s Jac’s plate. She rather likes hot dogs with tomato ketchup and mustard.

Jac's plate

My plate. Notice the skewer of scallops and prawn (and I’m sure you noticed the prawn on Jac’s plate too)? Those were actually leftovers from a barbie the night before. I love prawns and scallops and would never turn my nose up at leftovers!

My plate

Max’s birthday cake was a Neopolitan ice cream cake.

Ice cream cake

It’s been absolutely years since I’ve eaten Neopolitan ice cream! I especially enjoyed the strawberry layer. I’m lucky, I guess – as long as I don’t go crazy and have too much, I can enjoy the odd dairy treat – I just get a little gluggy afterwards. I make sure not to eat dairy before job interviews, though!

Ice cream cake slice

I thought you’d like to see this cake, made and decorated by one of Max’s grandmothers, J (see this previous post for another cake made by J). Max loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Doesn’t the cake look amazing? Apparently (hopefully I’ve remembered this correctly), it was chocolate cake inside, beneath the colourful icing. We, the family, got the ice cream cake. The Thomas cake was for Max to share with his classmates at school. Hey, I’m not complaining! That ice cream cake was fantastic.

Thomas - face to face  Thomas - another angle
Thomas - another view   Thomas - back view

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