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Tuesday – honey chicken and fried rice (AU$7.00) from 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth). The tender battered chicken was smothered in a sweet and sticky syrupy sauce. The fried rice was delicious, with fried egg, sliced Chinese barbecue pork and onions in it.

Honey chicken and fried rice

Wednesday – I grabbed a takeaway two-meat curry combination from IGA. If you like curries you should check out the IGA store on Royal Street for lunch, but be warned – get there early! There was quite a queue the day I was there. The curry selection included beef vindaloo, cumin chicken, butter chicken, Thai green chicken curry and beef meatballs. A man stands behind the bain marie and serves up the food, it’s great! I could choose to have one, two or all three of the vegie dishes available – there was a chickpea curry, potatoes or eggplant curry. I had the choice of steamed basmati rice or chicken biryani. So that was two meat curries (I chose beef meatballs and butter chicken), two vegie curries (I chose potatoes and eggplant) and biryani all for AU$8.50, if I remember correctly!

The curry looks all squashed in its takeaway container in the photo below, but if you choose to dine in, they serve it all nicely on a big square white dish and it looks absolutely amazing – you really get to see what a huge amount of food you get for your money. Wear your eating pants! There are tables and chairs outside the store, so you can dine alfresco. When you walk past the IGA and those tables you might actually think it’s a cafe rather than a supermarket – until someone walks out from the automatic doors and you see the inside, and notice the IGA sign. The eggplant curry was fantastic – next time I’d be tempted have triple eggplant curry instead of the three different vegie dishes. The beef meatballs were meaty and flavourful. I’ve eaten creamier butter chicken, but this was tasty enough. But yes, make sure you wear those eating pants if you plan to do justice to the food – there is a lot of it! I so needed a nap afterwards. :) Next time, I hope to dine in so you can see the food nicely presented on a dish, rather than all mixed in together. The things I’ll do for you guys/this blog! LOL.

Curry combination from IGA

Thursday – the week before, SRM and Chad had discovered a little Chinese restaurant called Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth). They brought a copy of the takeaway menu back to the office, and ever since then I’ve been hanging out to try the Hainan chicken rice lunch special. SRM was the same, and on Thursday he, J and I all decided to have lunch at Munch Terrace.

J decided to try the crispy chicken rice. The chicken was crispy and battered, served with steamed rice over which duck sauce had been poured, accompanied by a small dish of sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

Crispy chicken rice

SRM and I ordered the Hainan chicken rice (AU$7.50). To be honest, I’ve had better chicken rice, but having come from a non-chicken rice suburb to this one, I’m stoked!

Hainan chicken rice

Hainan chicken

Chicken rice soup

The chilli sauce had quite a kick to it – I ended up consuming only about a teaspoon’s worth. I donated the rest to SRM.

Chicken rice chilli sauce

Stay tuned for more from Munch Terrace. I plan to try their (not necessarily in this order) char kway teow, hokkien mee, char siu wantan mee dry style and more!

Friday – J and I had lunch at Aroma (also on Royal St, a couple of shops down from Sushi @ Royal). She was really craving pasta (apparently she has a voracious appetite for pasta and has to get her fix regularly!) and chose a two-pasta combination of creamy tortellini and lasagna. J said the lasagna was good, but would’ve been greatly improved by the inclusion of a creamy layer of bechamel. I too appreciate a good bechamel. I reckon if a lasagna had a great bechamel I could just about eat it without any cheese.

Tortellini and lasagna

I chose a sandwich called “Barcelona”, which consisted of chicken, spinach, grilled sliced eggplant, fetta and bruschetta mix (cubed fresh tomatoes and red onion) on toasted Turkish bread.

The Barcelona

For me, the grilled eggplant really was the highlight of the Barcelona. The red onion gave the sandwich a pleasant crunchiness. I’m not generally a sandwich person, but this was pretty good. You can now add fetta to the list of food items I thought I’d never eat but am now (apparently) eating!

The Barcelona innards

I am determined to keep trying new dishes for lunch and finding out what there is eat in East Perth. :)

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