I’d rather be eating McDonald’s

While I ate this bowl of noodle soup, I was thinking about eating a Filet O Fish and fries with a side order of Chicken McNuggets with tomato ketchup, followed by a fresh, hot McDonald’s apple pie. Actually, if I were really doing exactly what I wanted without thinking about extra fat and sugar and all those sorts of things, I’d do something I haven’t done since high school (OMG, that’s like, twenty years ago!) – eat my fries dipped in a hot chocolate fudge sundae. Well, to be accurate, I’d dip the fries in the soft serve part rather than the chocolate fudge part. But oh, I loooooved that hot chocolate fudge. I loved how the fudge was chewy rather than melty chocolate. I loved that chewy hot chocolate fudge.

Combination noodle soup

This was a combination noodle soup from Sun Sun at the Carousel Shopping Centre Food Hall (from memory, around AU$9.50). In the broth with the thin egg noodles were prawns, chicken, beef and bok choy. Hearty and tasty, but not at all satisfying when one is fantasising about junk food. :)

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