Chicken roulade dinner

Thanks, everyone, for all your concerns regarding my recent injury. I am still not quite 100% but am no longer limping around. A bruise has developed, but in a weird way I’m a little disappointed – it’s really not as spectacular a bruise as I’d expected from the pain! Not that I’m complaining. :) And if you wrote comments to any posts during this past week, I have been writing my replies this afternoon – thank you for all your comments!

Last Tuesday night, Jac made chicken roulades for dinner. She pounded skinless and boneless chicken thighs to flatten them out a little. She seasoned them and then got her apprentice (me) to lay washed silverbeet leaves on them, followed by sliced mushrooms and ham. There were four chicken thighs – two roulades each. Jac’s had cheddar cheese in them, and I had a slice of Jarlsberg Light on one of mine. She then rolled the chicken roulades up tightly, wrapped them up in alfoil and baked the foil parcels on a tray in the oven. She served the chicken roulade with steamed asparagus and carrots.

Chicken roulade, baked potato, steamed vegetables

Jac also baked potatoes in their jackets in the oven on the bottom shelf while the roulades were cooking on the top shelf. I cut a criss-cross on top of my potato and added a knob of butter and some freshly cracked black pepper. I love the smell of freshly baked spud with butter and pepper, with all that hot steam fogging up my glasses (not so keen on the steam fogging up the camera though!).

Baked potato with butter and black pepper

The chicken was wonderfully tender. Jac didn’t make a sauce, and honestly, we really didn’t need one. The silverbeet provided a lot of moisture and the mushrooms were really juicy. Jac sliced the roulades fairly thickly, and I really enjoyed carving mouthfuls from the succulent, meaty chicken. One roulade each was plenty for dinner. I ate my second roulade for dinner on Wednesday night while Jac was at hockey.

Chicken roulade innards

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