Japanese takeaway dinner

For dinner last Wednesday night, we grabbed takeaway from Sapporo (186 Rutland Avenue, Carlisle).

We had a serve of vegetable gyoza. The five dumplings had the delicious contrast of textures that make gyoza so pleasurable to eat – soft on the underside, browned on the topside, chewy overall. The sauce served with them was blow-your-socks-off hot, way hotter than the hot chilli dipping sauce we’ve had with gyoza from Poppo. I ended up eating my gyoza without the sauce. I didn’t really need sauce anyway – they were really delicious on their own. I really loved their soft, chewy texture.

Vegetable gyoza

If any Japanese readers know exactly what vegetable gyoza filling typically consists of, please feel free to let me know via comment. I know there’s cabbage in it, but there’s something else that gives it a distinctive flavour… what is it? I could dig around Jac’s recipe book collection and find out, but frankly, I’m feeling lazy. :) Next time I might have to order two lots of gyoza – they’re so yummy! I ate three, Jac ate two – but I was still craving more. They were pretty oily (not that that bothered me at all) – can you see the oily shine on my fingers?)

Vegetable gyoza innards

For my main course I chose the katsudon – crumbed chicken and egg served on rice. You may notice near the top of the container there’s a little cooked onion – it was beautifully sweet. I enjoyed this immensely.


Jac didn’t feel like a hot meal. She got herself a serve of California roll sushi. I like how they “separated” the wasabi and pickled ginger from the sushi with a piece of baran (decorative divider fake grass).

California roll

The California roll was made with seafood extender, egg, avocado, tomato, cucumber and carrot. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a California roll fan mainly because I don’t like seafood extender. I think Sapporo’s version looks especially colourful and appealing, though.

California Roll close-up

Thanks for all your interest in the lunch bag giveaway! The giveaway is now closed to new entries, and I shall be conducting the draw for the winner shortly. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner very soon.

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