Monday meatball bento

In Jac’s bento lunch last Monday – savoury items: pork meatballs served on mixed salad greens with tomato sauce for dipping, salad (mixed greens, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes), bread and butter. Sweet items: custard in a cup with a slice of kiwi fruit and a slice of peach, the tip of a custard horn, watermelon and papaya. The custard in a cup topped with the kiwi fruit and peach was leftover filling/topping from a fruit and custard tart Jac bought on the weekend. The custard horn tip (we’d eaten the rest of the custard horn) was also bought from the same bakery.

Jac's Monday bento

Jac made these mini meatballs using pork mince on the weekend. She included chopped fresh apple in the meatball mix. Sorry, folks, there’s no recipe on this occasion. I love love eating small meatballs. Something about their smallness just really pleases me. :)

Pork balls and tomato sauce

I wrote a very simple message on Jac’s bento note.

My bento note to Jac

I packed myself the same lunch, minus custard/custard horn. The mushrooms were looking a little brown – just on the verge of “too old”, I think. But I enjoyed them.

My Monday bento lunch

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