Two salads and mystery fish

For dinner last Monday night, Jac made a garden salad, with mixed greens, yellow capsicum, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and, for an extra crunch, sliced tinned water chestnuts.

Garden salad

She also whipped up a potato salad, with potatoes (duh!), peas, bacon, hard-boiled egg and parsley. The dressing was a combination of mayonnaise, sour cream and a little white vinegar. She would’ve used white wine vinegar, but we had run out.

Potato salad (with egg, ham and peas)

She sliced up the leftover Boerwurst sausage and panfried it. She served it with oven-baked hot dog buns. The hot dog buns were old ones we had sitting in the freezer (leftovers from the hot dogs we had with Jac’s niece and nephew) – baking them gave them a slightly crisp exterior, and they were, surprisingly, beautifully fluffy and soft inside. It was lovely eating the hot buns, almost like newly baked!

Sliced Boerwurst and ovenbaked hot dog buns

To go with the two salads, she served oven-baked fish fillets seasoned with lemon pepper. I’m not sure what sort of fish it was – something large, white and meaty.

Lemon pepper fish, garden salad and potato salad

It’s been so hot today – the forecast top temperature was 37 degrees Celsius, and it got to 38, which is over 100 Fahrenheit. Pixel and I both crashed out in the lounge, too hot to do anything – me, on the couch, and she on her back, legs in the air, fluffy tummy exposed.* Sorry, no photo of Pixel – I did say “too hot to do anything”! Thankfully, it will be a lot cooler tomorrow, with a top around 28C. For those of you who’ve requested more photos of the cats, I do plan to feature photos of them soon. It’s just a matter of getting the right photo opportunities. :)

*Don’t worry – now that it’s a little cooler with sunset approaching, Pixel and I have eaten our dinners and have recovered somewhat. Billy Lee didn’t seem to mind the heat at all, but then she’s a short-haired cat. Pixel and I both suffer in summer due to our long hair. Heheheheh.

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