Dinner and bento – lamb steaks

The dinner

Jac made up a platter of salad (mixed lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes), coleslaw, pickles (sweet gherkins and pickled onions) and fruit (grapes, apple and nectarine).

Vegetables, salad, pickles and fruit

She panfried these beautiful tiny lamb steaks, which I’d bought sometime ago (they’d been in the freezer) – I’d thought they’d be perfect for bento.

Lamb steaks

Here’s my plate – I ate this, then continued to pick at the vegies and pickles on the square platter.

Lamb steaks, salad, coleslaw and grapes

The bento

I packed myself the last two lamb steaks for my lunch the next day, along with more salad, coleslaw, pickles and grapes and prunes. In the little green bird sauce container was some of the onion jam we got for Christmas. It went beautifully with the lamb steaks – it was buttery and savoury, with the delicious aroma of caramelised onions.

Bento - lamb steaks, salad, pickles, coleslaw, fruit

The little bird container is one of a set of four sauce containers I bought from JBox.
They’re Ciao! Colorful Animal & Fruit Mayonnaise Cups.

Just so you know, I didn’t pack Jac any bento lunches last week. Still prone to queasiness, she told me not to worry about packing her any lunch; she made herself vegetable soup and had that with bread. I’m sorry – I know how much you guys love the bento notes, but there aren’t any coming up for the next week’s worth of bento posts.

I’ve fallen behind again with replies to comments. I’ve been very busy at work and home. I’ll do my best to respond soon.

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