Thank you for a wonderful birthday!

Thank you all, so much, for your birthday wishes. Your comments and messages trickling in all day made me feel really special! I had a lovely last day/birthday at work – with morning tea featuring sweet and savoury goodies and birthday/farewell gifts and cards for me from my workmates and friends. There will definitely be a post coming up featuring photos of morning tea. After work, my team mates and other colleagues/friends enjoyed drinks at the pub. I’ve made some really great friends at the job I’ve just left, and I know we’ll continue to be friends, even though we won’t be working together.

I got an especially awesome birthday present from Jac, which I haven’t had time to take out of its box yet – but there will be a special post as soon as I can manage it, using my present. It’s something that will make it easier for me to share my creativity with you guys! :) I’ve also got a new DVD to watch, and a new book to read, why aren’t there more hours in a day?!

In answer to emma’s question (a comment from the previous post) about what my ideal birthday cake would be… hmmm. I can’t say there is one ideal cake, but the cakes I like include:

  • My mum’s homemade orange cake, smothered in icing. As a kid I loved eating slices of iced orange cake… and icing sandwiches, if there was leftover icing!
  • Sponge cake covered with fresh cream with fresh durian in it. Like this cake with fresh durian cream we had at my dad’s early birthday satay lunch last year. Being a durian fiend, I was in heaven, eating that cake!
  • Banana cake – but it’s got to be very moist and taste of real banana, rather than of sugar. No nuts or anything, just banana. And if there are discernible bits of yellowy mashed banana in the cake, even better! It’s the sort of cake that should leave your fingers sticky and sweet when you touch it.
  • When I was a kid in Malaysia, my mum made me a fantastic “farmyard” cake (recipe in the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book), with covered in green icing and topped with dessicated coconut coloured with green food colouring (as grass) and chocolate fingers all around (as the fence), and little plastic farm animals – we had a set with a couple of cows, a plump pink pig, and a bunch of little ducks and chickens, which I loved to arrange carefully on the cake.
  • I love also soft, fluffy cakes with layers fresh cream and light mocha icing studded with toasted flaked almonds. That’s my favourite way to eat almonds; I don’t care for almonds usually.
  • Oh, and I love pandan chiffon cake – that must be the fluffiest, softest, lightest, most melt-in-the-mouth cake I have ever eaten.
  • And this isn’t a cakey cake, but I am partial to lemon and lime brulee – the sort you get in cafes in Perth, bought by the slice and served with cream.

Any cake loves or cake memories you’d like to share?

It’s been a busy weekend, and I’m terribly behind with photos and post-writing. Haven’t downloaded my photos from my camera yet for the last two weekends! I’ll continue working my way through the backlog. There’s lots of good stuff coming up! I’ve been working through comment replies this evening, though – thanks for your patience!

First day at the new job tomorrow – very exciting!

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