Reflections on a toasted sandwich

I’ll miss these mystery lunch bar toasted sandwiches when I leave…

Toasted ham and tomato sandwich on multigrain

I love that the bread is buttered on the outside before being toasted in the sandwich press. The bread is toasted to an appealing golden-brown, has a delicious buttery flavour that’s finger-sucking good, and has a lovely crispy crust on the outside that feels great under my teeth when I bite through to the soft, savoury fillings inside. There’s always a decent amount of ham in the sandwich, and there’s pepper on the tomato, which tastes awesome! Toasted Sandwiches 101 – such simple things that produce a yummy result. I’m not suggesting this is anything new to anyone who makes toasted sandwiches – I’m just… appreciating. :)

Toasted ham and tomato sandwich on multigrain close-up

And of course, I will also miss my workmate J, who generously gets these sandwiches for me!
(I’ll miss her more than the sandwiches, for sure! :))

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