Thursday night junk food

We've been very naughty lately, eating takeaway at home and eating junk food when we're at the shops!

I've gone from having a Filet-O-Fish thing to having a Big Mac thing!

Jac felt like a beef burger with salad in it ("But not a Big Mac", she said), so I got her a McFeast. This was an unusually saucy McFeast (good for Jac, as she loves heavy sauce), leaking mayonnaise from one side.

I've written many times about the poor quality of McDonald's fries. I should've returned them and asked for fresh fries, but as I've also said before, it just wasn't convenient to do so this time.

I got us a 10-pack of Chicken McNuggets as well. We ate six or seven nuggets between us and took the rest home.

As I finished my burger, Jac went to Donut King to get something sweet for her dessert. She returned with this - an apple crumble and rhubarb donut. Obviously, the "crumble" was represented by the vague sprinkling of crumbs on top of the iced donut. "But where's the rhubarb?" I asked.

Inside, of course! There were real chunks of cooked rhubarb in the syrupy sweet filling. Jac said the flavours of the donut were good, but it tasted a little stale. I guess it had been sitting there all day before being bought by Jac in the evening.

I have lots of writing to do this weekend - responses to comments and emails (as usual), and I still haven't finished writing up the posts from our recent holiday. I'm really looking forward to sharing my holiday photos with you guys! This weekend's also a busy one socially - on Saturday we're going to the 60th birthday party for one of my aunts, and we're having a Mothers' Day lunch with Jac's family on Sunday. Jac's preparing the starter for the meal on Sunday - I think she's planning to do something with seafood. She's been flicking through her recipe books all week for inspiration. I wonder what it will be - fish, scallops, or prawns?