Bento – BBQ chicken, salad and French toast squares

A bento lunch I packed for myself – leftover barbecue chicken with salad (lettuce, carrot sticks, corn kernels, sweet gherkin pickle slices, red seedless grapes and the last of the corn kernels), Kewpie mayonnaise in a bear head-shaped container, and French toast squares.

Bento - BBQ chicken, salad and French toast squares

I didn’t pack any maple syrup to go with these French toast squares – this time I included some maple syrup in the egg mix that I dipped the bread into, so the French toast had a sweet taste to it. As I prepared the bread, and as I look at the photos again now, I think back to a certain fiasco involving French toast squares… ahh, memories! :)

French toast squares

I love eating cold chicken. Of course, you have to make sure you’ve refrigerated it and stored it properly so you haven’t been breeding nasty germs that will make you sick. I’m pleased to say I haven’t had any ill effects from eating cold chicken.

BBQ chicken close-up>

The salad consisted of whatever I found in the fridge that morning when I packed my lunch. We were out of my usual salad inclusions (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms…) so I made do with whatever I found. The grapes and pickles gave the salad a pleasurable crispness, but also made it very sweet!

Salad close-up

This is the last bento lunch to be featured this week, but there’ll be more bento next week!

It’s been awesome “meeting” some of you guys over at Facebook! If you haven’t checked it out yet (and if you’re interested, because I don’t presume everyone is), here’s the link to The Food Pornographer’s Page at Facebook.

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