Zoe’s baptism lunch

My niece Zoe (sister of Ruby) was baptised* last month, and afterwards we all went back to my brother’s place for lunch. My sister-in-law Ange (Zoe’s mum) had done some cooking, but family and friends brought along dishes too. It was quite a feast!

Earlier, when I arrived at my parents’ home (I grabbed a lift to the church and then to my brother’s house in Mum’s car), Mum was deep-frying her homemade wantan.

Mum's freshly deepfried wantan

They whispered to me, “Eat me… eat me…” I did sample one at Mum’s invitation, and it was delicious – it had been ages since Mum made her deepfried wantan – but I resisted the urge to keep eating them. I think if Juji, Jay and I all got to work then and there, there would’ve been like, 6 wantan left to bring to the party!

Mum's freshly deepfried wantan

So back to the feast! It was a fine but chilly day, and Ange had made three different soups. This was the most popular: pumpkin soup. As you can see, I took this photo after quite a few people had eaten some – it was the first time I was able to get near the soup pot!

Pumpkin soup

There was potato and leek soup…

Potato and leek soup

…and tomato and capsicum soup.

Tomato and capsicum soup

There was a big bowl of bread rolls to go with the soup. Most people tried a little of each soup!

Bread rolls

There were mini quiches:

Mini quiches

When I first saw these from a distance, I thought they were stuffed mushrooms. But as Jay explained, these are made from chocolate biscuits baked and filled with a sweet cream filling – apparently they’re kind of based on the Mars Pods concept.

Chocolate biscuits filled with a sweet filling

More mini quiches…

More mini quiches

Homemade shortbread:


A big container of mini chocolate crackles:

Chocolate crackles

My auntie S assembled these upon arrival – smoked salmon and fresh sliced avocado on crackers.

Smoked salmon and avocado on crackers

Assorted sandwiches:

Assorted sandwiches

Oatmeal cookies:

Oatmeal cookies

My cousin Carol brought along her homemade scones, which she’d pre-spread with cream and jam.

Cousin Carol's scones

Ange’s mum M brought her delicious homemade sausage rolls, which were finished off in Ange’s oven and served fresh and hot with tomato sauce.

Homemade sausage rolls with tomato sauce

My sister Juji made pizza scrolls. They were yummy and devoured very quickly by everyone.

Juji's pizza scrolls

And of course, Mum’s wantan, served with sriracha sauce. I did cocktail waiter duties and helped serve the hot finger foods to everyone. Of course, this meant I was able to sneak in and take photos just before walking around with the dishes. :) (So perhaps my motives were not so altruistic, eh?)

Mum's wantan with sriracha sauce

The sweet and savoury dishes were all served up at the same time and it was up to you what you chose to eat, which is why I’ve posted sweet and savoury foods in no particular order.

Zoe was very good and surprised us all by not crying during the baptismal ceremony. We were sure she’d start howling the minute she felt the water on her head, but she was as quiet as a mouse.

*I’m not religious, myself. But I have no objection if others choose to be.

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