Noodles for lunch

Another day, another Design Your Own Noodlebox! It’s been the same design every time in the past few weeks: thick egg noodles with chicken, tofu, egg, bok choy and fish cake, stir-fried in oyster sauce. I’ve been getting the regular (big) sized noodle box – it’s a hefty deliciously satisfying feed!

Another Design Your Own Noodlebox

Workmate J got herself chicken noodle soup from Sushi @ Royal. This was the soba noodle soup – you can also choose udon noodles, if you prefer. The fluffy yellow mass on the right is apparently bits of fried tempura batter. By the time J brought the noodles back to the office the tempura batter bits were all soft and pulpy. I liked the look of the tofu skins, but wasn’t so keen on that pulpy batter nor the seafood extender (surimi).

Soba noodle soup

She enjoyed the noodles, but wasn’t keen on the chicken – they use the same chicken as what they use in their teriyaki chicken. For some reason, that teriyaki chicken has a very strong chicken smell, which J isn’t keen on. It’s not off, just strongly chickeny. I don’t know how to describe it any other way! My late grandma used to complain about the chicken smell; that’s why she’d cook chicken for us kids but very rarely eat it herself.

Soba noodles!

The cardboard soup bowl had drawings all around the outside. We spent some time studying them with great interest.

Detail on cardboard soup bowl

J also bought a little container of seaweed- this has become one of her must-have side dishes whenever she gets lunch from Sushi @ Royal. She dumps the seaweed on top of her katsudon or noodles and munches away.

Seaweed salad

More chicken noodles!

And speaking of noodles, I loved these tasty chicken noodles so much, I had to have them again for a recent weekend lunch. (Refer to previous and recent appearance of chicken hokkien mee) I could easily eat this every week – I’m totally addicted!

Chicken hokkien mee

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