Work lunch – noodles and a free dim sim

I enjoyed these honey soy & chicken noodles from Noodlebox. There was chicken, baby corn and bok choy along with the thick egg noodles. And they were really saucy.

Honey and soy chicken noodles

When the girl handed me my brown paper bag it felt extra heavy. She smiled and said “We’ve given you a free dim sim.” Just like that, no reason, just a freebie. Which made me instantly suspicious, because I am a suspicious, cynical person. I presumed they had a bunch of dim sims to use up (cooked in error? thawed out and had to be used up or thrown away?) and decided to use them for some good PR. I just thought all this, didn’t say anything – but I thanked her. Back at the office I opened the carton holding the dim sim. The dumpling didn’t look appetising at all. It reminded me of an alien or a brain or a gigantic wad of chewed chewing gum – but it actually tasted quite good with the supplied soy sauce. I probably wouldn’t buy one in future though. Still, I always appreciate a freebie.

Free dim sim

The noodles were gloriously messily saucy. The pool of sauce seemed to get bigger and darker the further I got down the carton. I always ask for a spoon as well as chopsticks, so I can drink up all the sauce after I’ve eaten all the noodles. I once tried drinking the sauce from the carton like a cup, trying to sip elegantly from one of the carton’s corners, but ended up pouring garlicky noodle sauce all down myself. Not a good idea to take a garlic sauce bath in one’s work clothes. I learned my lesson.

Seriously saucy noodles

You’ll find the honey soy & chicken noodles on the regular menu at Noodlebox – AU$8.60 small, $12.50 regular (regular is rather large). It also includes cashew nuts (I had mine without).

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