Scrambled eggs on toast

A Sunday breakfast of a few weeks ago: I scrambled the eggs, Jac toasted the bread. I like it when Jac cooks but I love it even more when we cook together. And what’s great is our new kitchen is bigger and has a better layout than the old one, so it’s easier for us to both be in the kitchen at the same time. :D

Scrambled eggs on toast

A little cracked black pepper and salt just before serving – perfect!

Scrambled eggs on toast close-up

First Pixel sat on the bench and stared.


My response was not satisfactory (all I did was photograph her :)), so she jumped up on the bench next to Jac and poked her face onto Jac’s plate. See her eyes? They say “WANT”.

Pixel wants scrambled eggs

Hope you guys are having or have had a lovely Christmas. Thanks for all your Christmas wishes, and yes, there will be Christmas food posts in the near future.

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