The cats at my study window

Pixel: Holy crap, there’s a cat out there!
Billy Lee: Holy crap, there’s a cat in there!

Holy crap, there's a cat in there! Holy crap, there's a cat out there!

See the boxes in the foreground? That’s naughty TFP’s filing and other stuff, still unpacked months after moving into the new house.

Pixel: I want to go outside but Billy Lee’s in the way.

Pixel contemplates her next move

Pixel: Time to think of Plan B.

Pixel thinks: I guess I'm not getting out through the flap after all

Pixel: I’ll just go out another way and find a pot plant to sit in. There, nice and comfy.

Pixel sits in a pot plant instead

Billy Lee was sitting on a ramp we had installed outside my study window. The idea is for the cats to exit through the flap in the study window and walk down the ramp to get closer to the ground, rather than have to jump to/from the window. Well, OK, it was more for Billy Lee than Pixel. Pixel is very athletic and can get to the top of the wardrobe from a standing position on the floor. She’d have no problem jumping from the window to the ground and vice versa. Billy Lee has never been a good jumper (and has never been able to get on the top of the wardrobe without help from us). But of course, once the ramp was installed, Billy Lee decided to just sit and relax on it, which is just typical Billy Lee style. :)

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