Our library (with cats)

I finally finished unpacking our books! We bought more bookshelves since moving into our new house at the end of August, but I needed to get the time and energy to unpack and arrange the books. This is the theatre room, which we’ve redefined to be our library. It has its own french doors so you can close it off. Back at our old house, most of the bookshelves were in the guest room, which could be inconvenient if I wanted to read a particular book but someone was staying in the room at the time. Jac’s cook books used to be in two massive shelves in the entrance hallway. But now in the new house, they are all in the one room! The two walls on either side of the window are completely covered with bookshelves (there are bookshelves that you can’t see in the photo behind the open french doors). We put a couch in there, and as you can see, the cats think it’s a great idea! See the fan on the little table in the left corner? It was a warm day, so Jac put the fan in the library just for the cats’ comfort!

The cats in the library

The couch is actually red, but we tend to cover it with various cloths e.g. this blue one, as thanks to the cats, it becomes fur-covered very quickly.

The cats in the library

Now that we have additional bookshelves, I won’t feel guilty buying more books. At the old house, we had no room for any more bookshelves, so we couldn’t buy more bookshelves even though we needed them. All my shelves had double layers of books, plus piles of books on the floor and on the table next to the shelves. Finally, the books have a good home. It makes me very happy. :D

Since I took these photos, we’ve added Jac’s cowskin rug to the floor in the library, making the room cosier.

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