Chicken burger, steak burger

I love mini burgers like the sliders we ate at Sizzler recently, but I love a big juicy burger too. Jac made us burgers for a recent Saturday lunch. They were pretty simple, but really delicious.

For me, a chicken burger.

Chicken burger

It was a juicy chicken thigh fillet rubbed with salt and pepper then panfried, with tomato, lettuce, red onion and barbecue sauce in a soft chewy bun. It was just the perfect size for a big satisfying bite.

Chicken burger

For herself, Jac fried a piece of marinated steak she bought from the butcher. She cooked the steak to medium. In her burger with the steak: lettuce, tomato, red onion, a thick slab of tasty cheese, and barbecue sauce.

Two halves of Jac's steak burger

I had a plain white roll for my burger; she had a white roll covered in sesame seeds.

Steak burger

We both enjoyed our burgers. As we ate, we smiled at each other with barbecue sauce-streaked faces. Bliss. :D

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