Pancakes at Carillon, Perth

We went to Pancakes at Carillon in Perth recently for breakfast with Jac’s niece and nephew.

Max ordered the Mini Stack (AU$5.90) off the kids’ menu, 3 mini pancakes served with a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Mini pancake stack topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

On our table (as on every table in the restaurant) was a tall bottle of maple syrup complete with pouring nozzle, which was well used by Max and me. And next to the bottle, an important motto: anytime is pancakes time! So true (not that I need reminding :D)!

Maple syrup bottle - anytime is pancake time!

I helped Max pour maple syrup over his pancakes and ice cream while he waited eagerly to dig in with his spoon.

Mini pancake stack with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup

Savannah also ordered from the kids’ menu – her choice was the Chocolate Mountain (AU$5.90), a pancake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, smothered in lashings of chocolate sauce and a generous sprinkling of hundreds and thousands.

Chocolate mountain

Jac ordered one of her favourite breakfast dishes, Eggs Benedict (AU$14.90). At Pancakes at Carillon, eggs Benedict consists of sliced ham, two poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce, all served on top of a pancake, with three hash browns on the side. She very kindly shared her hash browns with us and we enjoyed them so much we ordered another serving of hash browns halfway through our meal. They were just plain old commercially made hash browns, like the kind you get at hotel breakfast buffets, but they are so tasty fresh out of the deep-fryer – crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.*

Eggs Benedict with hash browns

Jac enjoyed her eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce was tasty, the poached eggs gooey in the middle. But she wasn’t so keen on the pancake – she found it to be a little too soft and spongey, though I think it boiled down to personal taste rather than something wrong with the pancake – Jac prefers crepes to fluffy style buttermilk pancakes. She also would have preferred the ham to be sliced thicker so you’d taste it more in every mouthful with all the other components.

Eggs Benedict close-up

I ordered the Pancakes Aussie Sunrise (AU$14.90), which comes with two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, a fried egg, grilled banana and pineapple rings, and your choice of bacon or sausages. Regular readers won’t be surprised to read that I chose bacon! I drizzled maple syrup over the bacon and pancakes, and sprinkled pepper on my egg yolk. The aroma of butter, bacon and sweet grilled fruit was fantastic!

Pancakes Aussie Sunrise

I loved the combination of whipped butter and maple syrup on my pancakes.

Pancakes topped with whipped butter

The grilled banana was beautifully soft and caramelised, the pineapple rings sweet and juicy. The salty bacon went so well with the grilled fruit. I’d love to eat my bacon with grilled banana and pineapple every time I had a breakfast fry-up.

Grilled pineapple and banana close-up

I washed my breakfast down with a tall glass of icy cold 100% orange juice (AU$4.50). Jac had an iced coffee with cream and ice cream (AU$4.90). The kids had chocolate milk and caramel milk (not pictured).

Orange juice and iced coffee with cream and ice cream

I really like Pancakes at Carillon. The restaurant has been around for years (since 1983, to be exact!). I remember going there for breakfast with my high school friends and really enjoying it. In addition to fluffy buttermilk pancakes, they serve savoury filled crepes and dessert pancakes. If you’d like something less elaborate, more “classic pancakes”, you can get a stack of pancakes topped with whipped butter and special syrup (add AU$2.00 for cream and ice cream), or crepes with sugar and lemon. They also serve more than pancakes and crepes – nachos, garlic bread, burgers, steak and salads. And of course, there’s a children’s menu (for kids aged up to 12). Best of all, you don’t have to order from the breakfast menu at breakfast time – which is awesome if you feel like something other than bacon and eggs variations (see my previous post – Sunday brunch at Pancakes at Carillon).

Pancakes at Carillon  - entrance

Service was great – friendly but not chatty, and very efficient. While we were there, the restaurant filled up quickly to at least two-thirds full thanks to a large group and a steady flow of walk-ins. We liked that they brought the kids’ food and drinks out very quickly. The kids were soon happily occupied with their flavoured milk drinks, then fully focused on devouring their pancakes. The adults’ meals arrived not long afterwards. The extra serving of hash browns we ordered was brought to our table pretty quickly, freshly deep-fried and piping hot, wonderfully golden and crispy. Savannah was most impressed by Pancakes at Carillon and as she crunched on a hash brown, declared: “I want to have my birthday party here!”

Pancakes at Carillon
Level 1 Carillon Arcade, Perth
Hay Street Mall End, up the escalator next to the ABC Shop
Telephone: (08) 9322 6177
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Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 10pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am – 5pm

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*I have no problem with being served frozen hash browns – when cooked to perfection, they are delicious. I’ve also eaten some delicious clearly homemade hash browns/potato cakes in restaurants. And I’ve eaten some truly terrible homemade hash browns in restaurants too.

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