Dinner – grilled pork chop and onions with salad

Jac grilled pork chops and onions for dinner. She simply cut the onions in half before placing them under the grill next to large, juicy pork chops. She served the pork and onions with a simple salad of cos lettuce, green beans, mandarins and strawberries.

Grilled pork chop and onions with salad

I love pork chops! I ate my chop with lashings of smoky barbecue sauce – but the surprise highlight of the meal was the onions. They were caramelised, sweet and tasty, and I couldn’t stop eating them. I asked Jac if there were any more left on the grill tray – and there were! She’d anticipated that I’d love the onions cooked this way so she grilled plenty!

Grilled pork chop and onions

The sweetest part of each onion was right at the centre. I savoured every bite. Well…I ate all the outer layers of each of my onion halves, saving the centres. Then I ate each centre slowly to savour their deliciousness. Mmm, it’s nice thinking about eating those sweet onion centres all over again. :)

The sweet centre of a grilled onion

Do you like cooked onions? What do you like to eat with them? I love a sausage sizzle with lots of barbecued onions with the sausage in a soft chewy hot dog bun, zig-zagged with tomato sauce and yellow mustard, or a generous smothering of barbecue sauce. But unless it’s a sausage sizzle at home where Jac always cooks up lots of onion, I tend to find sausage sizzle people are very stingy with the onion – either they’ve underestimated how much onion they’ll need so they severely ration it per serve, or they simply don’t think people like lots of onion. I also love roasted whole onions as part of a roast dinner – roast pork, chicken, lamb, it doesn’t matter. Gotta have onions in a roast dinner (as well as lots of other roast veges)!

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