Breakfast buffet, Pullman Kuching

One of my favourite things about staying at 5-star hotels is the breakfast buffet. I've enjoyed Kuching's street food, food courts and coffee shops, but there are good eats to be had at our hotel, the Pullman Kuching.

My delayed flight to KL and subsequent late arrival in Kuching means I miss out on breakfast my first morning, but on my second morning in Kuching, I'm keen to check out the breakfast buffet at Puzzle, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant. I know that self-restraint and strategic eating are essential so I don't fill up at breakfast and ruin the rest of the day's eating!

I love walking around the buffet and seeing what's available.

Breakfast buffet - foreground: lychees, longans, fruit salad, muesli and yoghurt. Silver dishes: hot food. Beyond the silver dishes (out of sight) is a sushi station

Cheese board, with cheeses, dried fruits and crackers

Cereals and accompaniments

Fresh fruit and juice

There's a wide range of muffins, pastries and cakes for those with a sweet tooth.

Doughnuts and cake

Layer cake

Assorted mini muffins and apple pie

Assorted danishes and scones

The croissants look wonderful and I am tempted by the waffles, but other items have caught my eye...


You can get eggs cooked to order, noodle soups and Sarawak laksa, and even have dim sum.

Cooking stations

I love a good breakfast fry-up and would love freshly scrambled eggs with bacon, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms and baked beans, all of which are available from the buffet, but let's face it - I can get a breakfast fry-up any time I'm in Perth.

Cooking an omelette to order at the egg station

This is where I stop and excitedly grab a plate - the nasi lemak station.

Nasi lemak station

And next to the nasi lemak station, there is roti jala (in Malay "roti" means "bread" and "jala" means "net" - though they are more like lacey crepes than bread) and four different curries.

Curry station

I waste no time in putting a plate together of roti jala, chicken curry, nasi lemak and char kway teow from the hot buffet.

Roti jala, chicken curry, char kway teow and nasi lemak

Next, I can't resist a bowl of rice porridge (congee). It's very plain and simple - I top it with soy sauce, fried shallots, chopped spring onions and fresh ginger, stir that all through and enjoy every spoonful.

Rice porridge

On my third morning in Kuching I make a bee-line for for more nasi lemak, curry and roti...

Roti and chicken curry and nasi lemak

...followed by chicken noodle soup, with egg noodles, fish cake, tofu puffs, choy sum, shredded chicken and omelette.

Chicken noodle soup

And to finish, some fruit - lychees, longans, starfruit and fresh papaya. We'll be back later for a Sarawak cooking demonstration with the hotel's executive chef...

Papaya, lychee, longan, starfruit

The breakfast buffet is an excellent way to start the day. Have you eaten at any great breakfast buffets? What breakfast buffet item(s) get you really excited?

Puzzle restaurant is at Hotel Pullman Kuching No.1A Jalan Mathies, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Telephone: (+60) 82 222 888

TFP visited Kuching, Malaysia in September 2011 as a guest of Malaysia Kitchen, MATRADE and Tourism Malaysia. I won a place on this trip as part of the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Summit.

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