Anna Vietnamese Restaurant, Leederville

I've met some colleagues for drinks at the Oxford in Leederville after work. Jac picks me up from the pub. We're both tired and hungry and want a quick, simple dinner - we decide to try Anna Vietnamese Restaurant across the road.

We choose a few dishes to share and eat with steamed rice.

Jac chooses the muc muoi tieu (salt and pepper squid, AU$17.80). The tender pieces of squid have been scored, seasoned with salt and pepper and sauteed with lots of onion and garlic.

Muc muoi tieu (salt and pepper squid, AU$17.80)

I choose the heo xao lan (pork mild curry, AU$15.90), sliced pork braised in a mild curry and coconut cream sauce with onion, cabbage, green capsicum and baby corn. The pork pieces are very tender and the curry sauce is delicious soaked into the steamed rice.

Heo xao lan (pork mild curry, AU$15.90)

Our chosen vegetable dish is tau hu xao rau (bean curd braised with vegetables, AU$14.70). There's carrot, broccoli, celery, baby corn, choy sum, bean sprouts, champignons and chunky pieces of tofu.

We also order fresh lemon juice and fresh orange juice (AU$3.80 each). I love the fresh fruit juices you get in Vietnamese restaurants.

Tau hu xao rau (Bean curd braised with vegetables, AU$14.70)

We decide to stay a little longer and get dessert. Jac orders the caramel flan and ice cream (AU$5.40).

Caramel flan and ice cream (AU$5.40)

I order the banana fritter and ice cream (AU$5.40). The fritter and vanilla ice cream have been drizzled with caramel sauce. Nothing will beat the fresh banana fritters I've eaten back in Malaysia as a child and more recently in Kuching, but I enjoy this anyway. I help Jac finish her caramel flan too.

Banana fritter and ice cream (AU$5.40)

I love hot fried battered banana with ice cream. I love eating hot and cold foods together - hot fudge sundae, nachos (hot) with sour cream (cold) and guacamole (cold), hot apple pie with ice cream... What about you? Are you a fan of the hot and cold food combo? Here's a list to get you thinking.

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Dinner at Anna's was exactly what we were after - something quick and simple. The dishes we ordered were tasty without being outstanding. We'd probably eat at Anna's again but wouldn't go to Leederville especially just to do so. Take note, if you're a fan of Vietnamese broken rice or pho - unless there's a secret section of the menu I missed completely, both are notably absent.

Anna Vietnamese Restaurant, Leederville

Anna Vietnamese Restaurant BYO; corkage is AU$1.50 per person
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday 5pm to 10pm
Friday to Saturday 5pm to 11pm
Sunday 5pm to 10pm

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