Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

I'm always envious of people who live within walking distance of a good French bakery, who can quickly nip up the street at 7am to grab fresh croissants or hot sausage rolls for breakfast, or newly baked bread that's got the crackly crust you just can't get from a supermarket loaf.

In this neighbourhood, there's a charming French patisserie-boulangerie-cafe with a gorgeous red wooden front door and in case you eat too many macarons, a dentist right next door.

Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

After lunch at Little Creatures Brewery and walking around Fremantle, it's time for something sweet. Craig, Caroline and I catch the train to Swanbourne, cross the street at train station and walk up Saladin Street to Choux Cafe. The cafe specialises in French cakes and pastries and Parisian macarons. Authentic French baguettes are baked daily and there are savoury items too: baguette sandwiches, quiches and beef bourguignon pies.

The display case takes pride of place in the small shop. It's hard to look at anything else but the eye-catching rainbow of treats. There are so many beautiful things in the cabinet but we're entranced by the macarons (AU$2.70 each). Decisions, decisions.

Macarons, Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

If I lived closer to Choux Cafe, I would make it my mission to taste everything in this display case.

Pastries, Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

Pastries, Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

Pastries, Choux Cafe, Swanbourne

It's hard to choose, but finally we have five macarons: strawberry & basil (red and green); pineapple and avocado (bright green); cassis with cream cheese (purple), coffee (light brown) and dark chocolate (red).

When food bloggers meet macarons

Caroline and Craig share a verrine panna cotta, labeled "exotic mousse with berries" (AU$7.70). In the little jar is silky smooth vanilla mousse with layers of tart berries and a top layer of cream. The verrine is garnished with a meringue shell and a crisp chocolate disc.

Verrine Panna Cotta "Exotic mousse with berries" (AU$7.70)

The macarons are well made, with crisp shells and chewy centres with generous buttercream fillings. I'm surprised that out of the five, my favourite macaron is the strawberry and basil. It tastes strongly of both flavours, which go unexpectedly well together. Definitely worth trying if you get the chance.


There's a steady flow of customers while we munch on our macarons and spoon up the mousse. Clearly, there's a lot of love for Choux Cafe... and sugar and butter and pastry and cream.

Choux Cafe, - there is French-themed artwork for sale all around the shop

Choux Cafe 93 Shenton Road
Swanbourne WA 6010
(08) 9385 4227

Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm
Saturday 7am to 2.30pm
Sunday 7am to 12.30pm
Closed on public holidays
It's a very small cafe - bookings are recommended

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Watch Choux Cafe chef-owner Emmanuel Mollois on the Chocolate and Cake episode of Poh's Kitchen on the Road. Be warned, sweet tooths and chocoholics, you will be drooling. Emmanuel appears in the first story of the episode, and again at 13:08 into the program. Also featured in this episode are Rochelle Adonis and Hadleigh Troy from Restaurant Amusé.

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