Brie & Jam sandwich

Toastface Grillah, Perth

There’s a new grilled cheese toastie shop tucked away in a Perth city laneway.

Toastface Grillah, Grand Lane, Perth

With patchy stained walls, bars on the windows, junkyard decor and entry via cyclone fence gates, it looks like an abandoned doss house – but don’t let its grungy appearance scare you off. The music may be a tad loud for breakfast but the coffee’s good, the toasties made to order and the service delivered by friendly folk with shy smiles.

The view from inside

Seating at Toastface Grillah

There are 8 varieties of grilled cheese toastie on the menu, which is scribbled on the front door. I reckon there’s room for another classic combo, which I’d call the Magnum Cheese, with cheddar, mozzarella, ham and pineapple. Who’s with me?

The menu's on the door

This week, Prez, Juji, Jay and I met up at Toastface Grillah for breakfast before work. Jay and Prez chose the same sandwich, the Danny Zuccho (AU$8), with Brie, zucchini and proscuitto.

Danny Zuccho (AU$8) - Brie, zucchini, proscuitto

Juji and I each got a different toastie, which we shared. I chose Ham & Cheese (AU$7) with cheddar, ham and mustard, and Juji chose Brie & Jam (AU$8), with Brie, jam and mozzarella (pictured at the top of this post).

L-R: Brie & Jam (AU$9), Ham & Cheese (AU$7), Danny Zuccho (AU$8)

The mustard in the Ham & Cheese was a surprise, more like sweet mustard pickle. Brie & Jam go superbly well together, but I’d like Brie, Jam & Ham even more.

These were sandwiches loaded with cheese(s) that stretched and oozed, made with love and lustfully consumed. The bread was well toasted, crisp and corrugated, and (of course!) cut into triangles. Right here is everything that makes a grilled cheese sandwich so desirable and beloved, one of life’s simple pleasures.

Gooey cheese

As if grilled cheese toasties don’t offer enough comfort, you can buy a biccie to dunk into your cuppa: Milk Arrowroots and Gingernuts for 20 cents each and Monte Carlos for 40 cents.

Long black; Toastface mural

Perth has grown in character and cheesiness – and I’m delighted. It’s probably a good thing Toastface Grillah isn’t on my route to the office; I’d be getting toastfaced before work on a regulah basis. This brilliant little toastie hovel won’t stay a secret for long. Which grilled cheese sandwich will you choose?

Toastface Grillah
Grand Lane, Rear 143 Barrack St (or, as they say on their website, 1 Toastface Grillah Boulevard)
Perth, WA 6000
Telephone: 04 0911 5909
Open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm
UPDATED 24 May 2013: Now open Saturdays 9am to 4pm

Toastface Grillah on Urbanspoon

And because I know some will ask:

Where is Grand Lane?

Grand Lane badly needs signage. You can find Grand Lane and access Toastface Grillah via Barrack Street between Ali Baba Hairdresser and Hatters. Walk down the alley and turn left – you’ll be in Grand Lane looking right at the Toastface mural.

Toastface Grillah entry via Barrack Street

You can enter Grand Lane via Wellington Street, next to Cut Out (another hairdresser!). The Toastface mural is visible from Wellington Street. If you walk all the way through, you’ll pop out at Murray Street.

Toastface Grillah entry via Wellington Street

If you’re looking it up in Google Maps, search for “Grand Theatre Lane”.

Grand Lane was given a face-lift a couple of years ago as part of the City of Perth’s laneway revitalisation strategy, Forgotten Spaces. Two artists were commissioned to create the mural that covers the 99-metre-long wall, which includes a tribute to the now defunct Grand Theatre from which Grand Lane gets its name. The L-shaped laneway’s brick buildings may still be shabby, but the painted wall is striking and worth a look; the lure of the grilled cheese toastie may mean more people will get to appreciate it.
The Grand Lane upgrade blog.

Grand lane art

Grand Lane art

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  • Nothing like an awesome grilled cheese!

  • Don’t know when I’ll ever get there but I love the fact that this lane is being used; I’ve always found it an interesting location and wondered if/when something would pop up.

    • Susan, I knew there was a laneway there but didn’t know its name and had never ventured down it; Prez and Juji had to give me directions as initially I couldn’t picture which laneway they were talking about. Another friend showed me a phone pic of the Barrack St entrance, which helped me visualise exactly where it was.

  • Majki

    Loving the name of this place even though it took me a while to get it! haha – I feel like I miss out on so many cool places in the city because a lot of them are only open for breakfast and lunch during the week and I only get to go out there on weekends! Just another one to add to the list of places I’sd like to try out on that off chance Im in the city on a week day instead of work!

    • Majki, good news! Toastface Grillah have said on their Facebook page they plan to open on Saturdays in the near future. Will keep an eye out for news on that front.

    • Hi Majki, Toastface Grillah are now open on Saturdays too, 8am to 4pm.

  • Those grill marks! I want a toastie now.

    • The grill marks look AND taste good. I might have to make toasties this weekend at home in the old Breville.

  • Wen Yang Lee

    Am so tempted by the blue cheese & pear or the chili & cheese! Looks good!!!!

  • Craig Hind

    Those toasties look so amazing. I love the ham and cheese.

    • I’m looking forward to my next visit, though I’m going to have trouble deciding which toastie to have.

      • Craig Hind

        You know what I love? And your photo reminded me of it, is corned beef & cheese. We make these at home as you don’t tend to see them in cafés. Tinned corned beef is fine but a bit mushy when hot. If you can make or buy corned beef from a butcher and use that it’s so much better!

  • burger boy would be all for your Magnum Cheese addition – looks great! Looks like an easy work lunch option :)

  • Dea

    Oh oh brie and jam for me for sure. :)

  • Wai Seet

    Did you get the “Wu-Tang Clan” reference ? Ghostface Killah. Thanks for showing such interesting places.

    • Sadly, no – that’s a big fail from me! I found out about it after I posted this. :P