Namoo Korean BBQ, Perth CBD

Perth’s newest Korean BBQ restaurant distinguishes itself with a signature dish that is pure porkapalooza: 8 flavours of pork belly.

DSC_1434This is live action food TV, table-side. Don’t interrupt Juji while she’s ‘watching’.

I found out about Namoo from my sister Juji, who ate here with her hubby recently during the restaurant’s first week of trade. They were keen to return, and as soon as I heard the words “8 flavours of pork belly”, I was in.

Gun-mandu (fried dumpling, AU$8.50, 5pcs)Our shared starter: gun-mandu (fried dumplings, AU$8.50, 5pcs) served with chilli-tossed salad leaves and chilli dipping sauce.

The table of plenty you always end up with at Korean BBQ both delights and frustrates me; so many plates and bowls of tasty things on a table that always feels too small and requires constant rearranging to accommodate new arrivals. Namoo’s banchan (side dishes) includes the traditional favourites: mung bean sprouts in sesame oil, sweet and sour pickled sliced daikon (radish), and housemade kimchi. We got through the bean sprouts quickly and asked for more, which was no problem at all.

Kimchi Kimchi

Pickled daikon, mung bean sprouts Pickled daikon, mung bean sprouts

Our first course was the beef bulgogi BBQ (AU$33) – strips of marinated beef with fresh enoki and oyster mushrooms, which our waiter placed on the grill plate to cook, pouring the marinade on top. If you’re squeamish about fat, be warned – although the beef’s thinly sliced, it’s rippled with (delicious) fat.

Beef bulgogi BBQ (AU$33) Beef bulgogi BBQ (AU$33)

Cook faster, faster!

The palsaik (“8 colours”) set is great value at $59.80: you get a spectacular rainbow of pork belly – wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot (red pepper paste); seafood soybean paste stew; 2 steamed rice (we ordered extra for our table); spring onion salad and assorted vegetables, including whole cloves of garlic we cooked on the hot plate. If 8 flavours is too much or not enough, you can order your choice of 4 pork belly flavours for $19.80.

My favourite flavours were wine, garlic, curry and miso paste. We followed the recommended order, starting with wine and ending with “hot”.

Palsaik: 8 Flavours of pork - wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot (red pepper paste) Palsaik: 8 flavours of pork belly.


Wine pork belly put on to sizzle Wine pork belly put on to sizzle with vegetables (onion, sweet potato, mushroom, bean sprouts and kimchi).

The tongs and scissors are essential tools for turning and cutting the strips of meat. You’ll be given a daikon cube on a stick to use as a brush for the hot plate – it works remarkably well.


Cutting up the miso paste pork belly Cutting up the miso paste pork belly

Our seafood stew was almost forgotten, but once we alerted the staff and cleared a space on our table, a portable stove and pot of stew appeared like magic. It’s an enticing hot pot loaded with treasure that includes whole king prawns, squid rings, mussels, tofu and Chinese cabbage.

Seafood soybean paste stew (part of the Palsaik set) Seafood soybean paste stew (part of the Palsaik set)

With the flame underneath, the fiery stew was soon bubbling furiously. It’s a spicy soup and afterwards, I kept finding chilli bits between my teeth. It’s the kind of heat that sneaks up on you, hitting you in the back of the throat after you’ve taken your first mouthfuls and told your friends, “It’s not that hot!” If you’re like me and no chilli-eating champion, make sure you’ve got a cold drink on stand-by.

Seafood soybean paste stew - bubbling (part of the Palsaik set) Seafood soybean paste stew – bubbling (part of the Palsaik set)

DSC_1361The top of your seat lifts up to reveal a place to stash your handbag and wallet etc.


Namoo dining room Namoo dining room – there are more tables upstairs.

duo-namoo3Enter the restaurant via Barrack Street.

Our meal, including a bottle of Shoju, cost the four of us around AU$30 each. We emerged with all the signs of successful Korean BBQ feasting: happy smiles and rounder bellies than when we first sat down, hair and clothes smelling like garlic and BBQ smoke, me with glasses and camera lens splattered with fat and spicy seafood stew – nothing a good wipe couldn’t fix.

According to the banner at the restaurant’s entrance, Perth’s the eighth palsaik restaurant location, after Beijing, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Taiwan, Los Angeles and Melbourne (ChangGo on Little La Trobe Street) – I reckon it’ll take local pork lovers by storm. There are 8 deadly sins at Perth’s newest Korean BBQ restaurant, and they’re all gluttony.

Namoo Korean BBQ
Shop 1, 580 Hay Street (Equus Arcade – enter via Barrack Street)
Open 7 days
Lunch 12pm to 3pm, dinner 5.30pm to late
Fully licensed; BYO wine only

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  • girlfromaamchimumbai

    Oh wow this looks like a Pork lovers delight. I have tried Korean BBQ once in Melbourne and absolutely loved it. The portions were small and I thought I would be left feeling hungry but surprisingly I was not. Would love to try this place :)

    • I really like Korean BBQ – Hwa Ro on Aberdeen St is excellent, and Sydney Madang in Sydney is awesome. But this is the first time I’ve come across 8 flavours of pork – it’s right up my alley. Would love to hear what you think of this place if you do try it.

  • I was in Korean restaurant in Sydney few times, it’s such a great experience. You can create your own meal.

    • Yes. And I’m usually with people who are happy to be the cooks, so I just sit back, relax and eat.

  • Dea

    We need this in Singapore! Then again, the market here is saturated with Korean BBQ restaurants. Recently celebrated a friend’s birthday at a Korean BBQ buffet. Huge chunks of steak and kalbi (beef short ribs, my absolute fave) and according to my friends, very good pork belly. Free flow kimchi and some other salads, and sweet rice drink and apple vinegar drinks. All very good and cheap at SG$30 per person.

    • Yes – I’m sure this would be well received in Singapore. Your Korean BBQ buffet would really appeal to Jac. She loves a good buffet.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the blog entry on Namoo. We thoroughly enjoyed this new Korean restaurant. Just to note 2 things about Namoo. The mobile number or booking most likely is not correct since they don’t answer. I spoke to the manager and he confirmed there was a wrong number perhaps both mobile and landline number on the internet. they don’t take phone bookings. You have to go early or wait for a table. In addition, the main door of the restaurant is midway Barrack st between Hay st and Murray St. Don’t go to the Hay st arcade shop 1.

    • Cheers. I did mention the entrance is on Barrack St. The manager gave us the mobile number and encouraged us to ring, but I guess they’ve since changed their mind about bookings (if they’re in demand and have no problem filling the restaurant (and people are willing to wait) I guess they don’t ‘need’ them). I’ve removed the mobile number from my blog post.

  • kirsten

    do u have to cook it yourself or do they do it? wanting to go wed night but I need a break from cooking

    • There are some dishes that don’t require cooking, such as the gyoza and other starter dishes, but from what I can tell, you do have to cook most of the dishes yourself – that’s how it’s designed to work, tabletop hotplate cooking by the customer.