Imperial Lane hotdogs, Auckland, New Zealand

On our last night in Auckland, we decided to go for a walk in the city to find dinner. First, we followed a tip from a few of my Kiwi readers and headed to Imperial Lane in search of gourmet hotdogs. We found a neon-lit hotdog stand, coffee machine and well stocked bar down a dark sloping laneway. This historical space has been carefully refurbished and deliberately furnished for that trendy modern industrial look, though still exuding an attractive roughness from age and architectural character.


We shared the Pølser (Danish for ‘sausage’), with a pork sausage, ketchup, mustard, remoulade, diced onion, crispy fried onion and pickled cucumber in a soft Vienna dough bun. Jac ordered a beer from the bar to wash it all down. Duck fat chips were tempting, as was splitting another hotdog – second on the list was the Banh Mi, with chilli and lime sausage, shredded carrot, cucumber ribbons, pickled cabbage, chilli, coriander, toasted rice and rice wine mayo. But next stop in our dinner mission was an Auckland street food icon (another blog post to come), so we wanted to pace ourselves.

PølserThe Pølser: pork sausage, ketchup, mustard, remoulade, diced onion, crispy fried onion and pickled cucumber – a fantastic combo


DSC_4199I watched the hotdog maker at work – fluent movements, pure concentration

At the time of our visit, Roxy was the hot new restaurant in the century-old, heritage-listed Imperial building, absolutely packed on Friday night – we didn’t have the patience to wait. Roxy Restaurant has since closed, replaced by Roxy bar and lounge. Everybody’s Bar and Bistro, also tucked away in the Imperial building, has been reinvented as Everybody’s Izakaya.

Thankfully for hotdog fans, Imperial Lane’s hotdog stand is going strong, and the menu’s even grown a little since our visit.


Imperial Lane hotdogs
Enter via 7 Fort Lane or 44 Queen Street
Auckland, New Zealand
All hotdogs NZ$9.80
Hotdogs available from 12pm daily
Imperial Lane serves up more than hotdogs – there’s breakfast, an all-day grazing menu and drinks list too.

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Auckland and Waiheke Island trip – blog series

We had a brilliant holiday in Auckland earlier this year. There are more blog posts to come from the trip.

Posted so far (in reading order):

This trip to Auckland and Waiheke Island, New Zealand was planned by Jac and me. We paid for all meals, accommodation and activities; the exception was 1 x return premium economy flight Perth to Auckland, which I received at an Air New Zealand launch event last year. Everything I blog about the trip is based on our experiences and all opinions are ours.

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  • Virginie Belengri

    Nice read!
    After the revamp the duck fat chips have been removed from the menu… That’s such a shame!

    • Thanks, Virginie.
      That’s a shame about the duck fat chips. Fingers crossed whenever it is that we return to Auckland, there will still be hotdogs to eat. :)

  • Oh man, these posts woulda been SO helpful to us when we were last in NZ because we struggled to know where to go and more importantly, what to eat! This is what we get for being lazy holiday planners — never again! There’s so much to explore in NZ I would really love to make another trip there.

    • Winston, yeah I can’t wait to go back to NZ. Will take several trips to see all we want to see. We researched and planned some of the things we did, others my readers told us about while we were there. We had enough flexibility in our schedule that we could follow some of the suggestions. It was pretty cool.

  • Cindy M

    Those hot dogs look delicious; can imagine the aroma! I do miss enjoying a REAL hot dog (can only eat soy dogs…blech). Duck fat chips; I’d like to try (even if I don’t need!). The place looks a bit dark for such a restaurant, though seems a very good place to relax and chat with friends.

    • Cindy,
      Sympathies – soy hotdogs! (Enough said on that! :P)
      I love chips cooked in duck fat – potatoes in duck fat are amazingly good.
      I’m not fond of dark restaurants – and it’s not just because it makes photography more difficult. I like to see my food properly, and don’t understand why after all the work of the chefs to prepare and present great dishes, you wouldn’t want the food to be seen in all its glory.

      • Cindy M

        Totally agree. And I associate dark restaurants with steakhouses, mainly. For hot dogs, it seems a bit odd.