Goanna Cafe & Gallery, Quindalup

We left Seashells Yallingup and drove to Goanna Cafe & Gallery for breakfast. There are several areas to sit at Goanna Cafe – under colourful umbrellas at the front of the cafe; in the covered verandah area, where large tables and bench seating will suit groups; inside, probably the least tranquil option, as customers line up to place orders at the counter and food comes out of the kitchen; and at the back of the cafe, where tables look out onto the bush. It’s a family-friendly cafe – out the back there’s also a covered area off to the side, with toys, sandpit and large blackboard. The surrounding bushland provides space for kids to run around, with timber playground equipment and quirky sculptures to discover.

It was a crisp, sunny morning, just too beautiful to sit indoors. We sat out back and enjoyed a hearty breakfast ‘watched’ by a colourful metal menagerie, occasionally interrupted by giggles and rustling in the bushes – kids exploring, crawling, climbing.

The menu is driven by seasonal and local produce, and chef owners and business partners Duncan and Tim make as much as possible in-house. Jac chose the Bush Breakfast ($AU19) with scrambled eggs, toast, garlic mushrooms, roasted tomato and pesto. I love hot potatoes and chose the Spanish Breakfast ($21) with scrambled eggs, toast, chorizo, roasted tomatoes and paprika fried potatoes. Fabulously curdy soft eggs, but a gigantic pan of those potatoes would be pure happiness… I’m still thinking about them months later.

The Goanna Gallery features local artwork, handcrafts and gifts, giving emerging artists and photographers from the region the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Cafe.

There is plenty to look at if you’re not in a hurry. After breakfast, we took a walk along the bush track, spotting more sculptures hidden in the bushland.

We’ll be back.

Prices have been included for your information; our breakfast was compliments of Goanna Cafe & Gallery.

Lots of interesting creatures in the garden Lots of interesting creatures in the garden will watch while you eat

Fruit cooler (orange, passionfruit, lemon, apple and soda - AU$7.50) and Virgin Mary (AU$7.50) Fruit cooler (orange, passionfruit, lemon, apple and soda – AU$7.50) and Virgin Mary (AU$7.50)

Bush Breakfast - scrambled eggs, wood-fired toast, mushrooms, tomatoes and pesto (AU$19) Bush Breakfast – scrambled eggs, wood-fired toast, mushrooms, tomatoes and pesto (AU$19)

Spanish - scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, paprika fried potatoes, tomatoes (AU$20) Spanish – scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, paprika fried potatoes, tomatoes (AU$20)




Goanna Cafe & Gallery Goanna Cafe & Gallery

Goanna Cafe & Gallery
278 Hayes Road
Quindalup WA 6281 (ten minutes from Dunsborough)
Breakfast Wednesday to Friday 9am to 12pm
Weekend breakfast all day from 8.30am
Lunch Wednesday to Friday from 12pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Plenty of parking

Back on the road we went. There’s just one more post to come in this series.

DSCF4036Poor Jac – I made her stop the car so I could get out and take this shot.

About this trip and this series – Margaret River 2014

We visited the Margaret River region in the south west of Western Australia for four days in May as guests of the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association and were hosted by restaurants and businesses in the region.

We drove to the region and used a Margaret River Region Map to guide us to the stops on our itinerary.

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  • arundhati

    i miss your posts about the food you’d cook at home – esp the bento lunches and the meals jac would make for you!

    • Over the years my interests have changed, the blog has changed and you’re referring to something I have not done in many years. There is absolutely no chance I will be going back to those kinds of posts – or reintroducing bento lunches for Jac again – no matter how much people tell me they’d like me to. It’s time to let go, I think…

  • Linda

    I had the best chicken sandwich ever at Goanna, it is the chicken sandwich by which I now judge all chicken sandwiches! I can’t even pinpoint why it was the best, there were no unusual ingredients I think it was the combo of great bread and the right chicken/salad/mayo combo. I hope they still have it next time I go there although those potatoes make me think a brekky visit should be the next one.

    • Linda,
      We’re keen to check out the lunch menu next time. You’ve sold me on the chicken sandwich!

  • How great are the sculptures! It really makes you feel like you’re in a weird bush area with metallic animals…

    • Amanda, they were really cute. It was like being watched by weird cartoon animals. :P

  • Cindy M

    Interesting, rustic, quirky…and the food all looks terrific! Especially the “Spanish.”

    • We will definitely go back the next time we make the trip down south – the Spanish was delicious. But I hear their pulled pork sandwich on the lunch menu is awesome.