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I was invited to The Merrywell at Crown Perth in July for a media tasting of their new breakfast menu, launched on the 4th of July.

The menu is inspired by the comfort foods of an upscale American diner, developed by The Merrywell’s head chef, New York native Rob Ryan. We ordered individual dishes, swapping tastes with those next to us. But chef Rob sent out a few surprises along the way. It was just what I expected from Perth’s dude food central – diabolically, shamelessly indulgent – crunchy and deep-fried, buttery and caramelised, sprinkled with sugar, doused with syrup, lunch and diet killers. Wear your eating pants and get ready for food babies.

We started with Bloody Marys, Tabasco-heavy and served in jars (Wicked AU$15, Virgin AU$9) and mini versions of The Merrywell’s Croque Madame – a ham and cheese pop, a golden-brown double-decker chunky toasted ham and cheese sandwich cut into a brick and speared with a popsicle stick, served with a sunny side up egg. Ordinarily, I never order croque madame – but this rendition with a twist, presented on a stick? Irresistible genius.

Carly of Perth Munchkin blog and I made a deal to share our dishes – I got the New York Egg Sandwich (AU$15), essentially a fried egg burger with bacon and provolone on a toasted brioche bun and tater tots on the side, and she got the waffles with strawberries, served with maple syrup (AU$16). Across from me, the huevos rancheros were piled high with corn tortilla chips, pico de gallo, black beans, avocado and two sunny side up eggs (AU$19). The smoked salmon sesame bagel (AU$19) looked to be the ‘lightest’ option on our table, with thinly sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, sliced tomato, capers and parsley.

As if that wasn’t enough, we all shared French toast with cinnamon apples (AU$16) and home fries (AU$9) – sliced fried potatoes tossed with cooked capsicum and red onions, spring onions and special seasoning. No surprise that we waddled out of there, fighting the overwhelming desire to curl up and nap.

French toast with cinnamon apples French toast with cinnamon apples (AU$16)

Ham and cheese pop with sunny side up egg A half serve of The Merrywell’s Croque Madame – the regular size is double this, for AU$15

Waffles with strawberries and maple syrup Waffles with strawberries and maple syrup (AU$16)

Huevos rancheros Huevos rancheros (AU$19)

Salmon bagel Smoked salmon sesame bagel (AU$19)

New York egg sandwich New York egg sandwich complete with gooey egg yolk (AU$15)

Home fries Home fries (AU$9) – once you start, it’s difficult to stop

This weekend, Jac and I, and our friend Kate went to breakfast at The Merrywell and I didn’t hesitate to choose the Croque Madame. The ham & cheese pops seemed stubbier but were triple-decker this time and just as satisfying as before. Actually, maybe even better – as I had two pops to myself.

Jac and Kate went for the Eggs Bennie (AU$18) – traditional (Kate) and smoked salmon (Jac), both served with home fries. They also split a fruit salad (AU$11) which wasn’t as enormous as we’d all expected, but consisted of an interesting selection of fruit, including kiwi fruit, pineapple, watermelon, lychee and papaya, along with shaved almonds (risky though, I thought, to not mention the inclusion of nuts, on the menu). I was impressed there was no rockmelon and honeydew melon, the universal filler fruit of restaurants.

I think diner-style filter coffee grew on me during my recent trip to the United States. At The Merrywell breakfast, it’s AU$2.50 with unlimited refills, great value if you have a taste for it (of course, not at all enticing if you favour barista-made coffee, which I am pleased to assure you is also available).

Traditional Eggs Bennie (AU$18) Traditional Eggs Bennie (AU$18)

Smoked salmon Eggs Bennie (AU$18) Smoked salmon Eggs Bennie (AU$18)

Fruit salad (AU$11) Fruit salad (AU$11)

DSCF9024_smThe Merrywell’s Croque Madame (AU$15)

I’ve blogged previously about the service style of The Merrywell Perth – waiters will deliver your order and clear dishes, but you’ll need to line up at the designated area under the neon sign to order and pay. Last year when we dropped in for dinner, we had to order our drinks separately at the bar, but this weekend for breakfast, we ordered everything at the neon sign and all food and drinks (coffee, juice and Bloody Mary) were delivered to our table. This efficiency improvement was much appreciated.

If you haven't been to The Merrywell before, the menus are on the table - decide what you'd like, grab your wallet and order and pay near the casino entrance. At busy times, there may be a queue to order If you haven’t been to The Merrywell before, the menus are on the table – decide what you’d like, grab your wallet and order and pay near the casino entrance. At busy times, there may be a queue to order

The Merrywell – entrance

We’re fans of the breakfast buffet at The Atrium, but now at The Merrywell we have another very welcome option for breakfast at Crown Perth. If I was after a weekend recovery feed, I reckon this is what I’d go for. Can’t go past that sandwich on a stick.

Merrywell Perth
Crown Perth
Great Eastern Highway, Burswood
Opening hours
7am to midnight Sunday to Thursday
7am to 3am Friday and Saturday
Breakfast daily 7am to 11am
See the current breakfast menu.
The Merrywell’s kitchen is open until 10pm Sunday to Thursday and midnight Friday to Saturday.

I attended the breakfast launch event and dined compliments of Crown Perth – prices have been included for your information.

Jac, Kate and I paid for breakfast on our visit to The Merrywell this weekend.

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