Photo of the day: My Straya

This photo from 2006 captures a part of my Straya: A family barbie with chicken and beef satay and kangaroo kebabs, all marinated and skewered by my mum and grandma. The meat is sizzling and smoking on our custom-built charcoal burner, and an Aussie mate, to whom we’ve just introduced the lemongrass basting brush, is doing the honours and giving my dad a break from cooking duties. Happy Australia Day.

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  • This kind of blending, and sharing, of cultures is really at the heart of what makes Australia great. I know we read all the stories of racist attacks on public transport and so on, but you never hear these positive stories of families from different backgrounds getting to know each other in their local neighborhoods.

    • We’ve copped verbal taunts from people (I still do occasionally from the odd passing car of bogans speeding past) but no racially/culturally-motivated physical attacks. Most of my mates are from different cultures – I never sought to make friends with people who were from the same cultural heritage as me, I sought to make friends with nice people without thoughts about where they were from. :)