Our Singapore holiday included a day trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia, which I booked online with WTS Travel. Our low season tickets for LEGOLAND Theme Park and return coach ride from Singapore cost us SG$63 per person.

There are multiple bus departure/return times which you select from at the time you book your tickets – we chose the 8.30am departure and 5.15pm return. The bus pick-up/drop-off point is the WTS Travel office at the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel, a short walk from Promenade MRT station – very easy to get to.

Make sure you check visa requirements before you go, and don’t forget your passport. Our passports were inspected at departure from Singapore, entry into Malaysia (we had to get off the bus and line up to get passports stamped) and re-entry into Singapore.

The seating on the bus was unassigned and we did have some rude pushy people to contend with (reminded me of the ridiculous rush to be first to get off the plane).

The journey took a couple of hours. The bus was air-conditioned and our ride very comfortable but it was very hot at LEGOLAND. There are indoor activities, but for the most part, you’ll be walking on concrete paths, a lot of the time without shade, so sunscreen and hat are essential.

The food we ate at LEGOLAND Theme Park was disappointing, even by amusement park standards. I didn’t expect a gourmet experience, but it was expensive and unsatisfying. We checked out most of the on-site restaurants and kiosks, and although we were hungry, not much appealed. Jac’s quesadilla (The Cafe) was dry, my nasi lemak (Asian Deli) clumpy and bland. Perhaps we should’ve packed a picnic.

I had a great day out though. Everywhere you walk, there are larger than life-size LEGO sculptures. There are different themed ‘lands’ to explore. The rides are mostly for kids, though some are adult-sized (Jac got right into dodging water blasts on an AQUAZONE Wave Racer). We went on a few rides together – the train, the observation deck and a LEGO boat – Jac was thrilled she got to drive the boat. Kids can go to the LEGOLAND Driving School and get a laminated driver’s licence (wish I was little enough to do that). My favourite attraction was MINILAND, world landmarks recreated in LEGO, some with inbuilt audio and live action features. There is now a new Star Wars MINILAND display as well. It was surprisingly uncrowded the day we went to LEGOLAND Theme Park; it meant very short waits or no waiting at all to get on rides and attractions.

There are multiple shops throughout the theme park where you can buy LEGO bricks and sets (by my calculations, it wasn’t any cheaper to buy LEGO here), merchandise (including costumes and clothes) and souvenirs. At the BIG Store you can build three minifigures (you choose the head, body, legs, hat or hair and one accessory for each) and take them home in a pack for RM$25. I spent some time at the table but realised I could build equivalent minifigures at home so decided not to get minifigures just for the sake of it. I bought a LEGOLAND Malaysia mug instead, which I use regularly at home.

It was probably 40 minutes before our bus was due to leave, but we were tired and had seen and done all we wanted to. We decided to go early and wait for our bus rather than continue wandering around aimlessly. Just as well that we did – it looked like the majority of people booked in for the 5.15pm bus were already there waiting too. The previous bus had left at 4.15pm, the next would leave at 6.15pm. We all piled onto bus, which took off well before 5pm. Presumably a headcount was done before we left LEGOLAND Malaysia, but as we pulled out I couldn’t help wondering if the bus would’ve have waited for us if we hadn’t turned up early like everyone else.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort
Johor, Malaysia
There’s a Theme Park, Water Park and LEGOLAND Hotel you can book one, two or all three.
We went only to the Theme Park.

WTS Travel
We booked LEGOLAND Theme Park and return coach tickets for SG$63 per person in July 2014.
Prices vary for children (3-11 years), adults (12-59 years) and seniors (60+ years) and time of year (low/shoulder/high season)



Entrance Entrance


Paddlepop Lion Paddlepop Lion


DSCF5748A typical scenario in LEGOLAND Malaysia

DSCF5765I spent a long time walking around MINILAND and taking pictures. Recognise any of these landmarks?


























The train We rode this train


Quesadilla A sad-looking quesadilla and ‘salad’

Cafe The Cafe

Nasi lemak combo with fruit cup and drink Nasi lemak combo with fruit cup and drink from the Asian Deli. The best thing on the plate was the hard-boiled egg.

Observation deck It’s worth going up in the observation deck to get a bird’s eye view of the LEGOLAND complex. They should really paint some smiling/waving LEGO minifigures on the building roofs.

DSCF6005There were various LEGO movies showing, but we didn’t fancy lining up

Rubbish bins Rubbish bins



Jac's eyes lit up - boats! Jac’s eyes lit up – boats!

DSCF6119It was a slow ride – I think Jac would’ve preferred it to be dodgem/bumper boats

Kids at driving school Kids at driving school

Owls Owls – as you walk around LEGOLAND, don’t forget to look up

Bears Bears – and always keep a lookout for interesting creatures in the gardens



Water slide not working Unfortunately, this ride was not working. They kept sending empty boats down the waterslide but didn’t allow anyone to get in them

The BIG Shop The BIG Shop

Build your own minifigures Build your own minifigures




My favourite shot of the day of me and Emmet from the LEGO Movie My favourite shot of the day: me with Emmet from The LEGO Movie, taken by Jac.

Singapore series

Jac and I were in Singapore for 8 nights in July 2014. We paid for this trip ourselves and our friend Mandy was our local guide and makan kaki (eating buddy). There’s more to come. Published so far:

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