Charred corn, beans, chorizo and 63 degree eggs

Breakfast at The Flour Factory, Perth CBD

The Flour Factory is on Queen Street in the CBD, in the space previously occupied by Venn Bar + Cafe, where I had pretty good scrambled eggs for breakfast on my birthday last year. The ‘Flour Factory’ name is a tribute to the building’s past life as a flour mill established more than a century ago. The Flour Factory combines hotdogs, charcuterie and bakery, with a recently launched rooftop bar called The Sherry.

The place opens early (7am) on weekdays and I had the opportunity to drop in for breakfast on Thursday and Friday mornings last week before attending training courses in the city.

My Thursday dish was a cracker: 63 degree eggs, charred corn, chorizo and beans. Vibrant flavours and abundant pleasures for a texture junkie – the pop of corn, chewy chunks of sausage, those wobbly-like-jelly slow cooked eggs and a slab of toast for soaking and mopping up.

My Friday dish was less successful. The fluffy pancakes and soft caramelised banana were let down by rindy bacon. It’s rare for bacon to be the worst thing on the plate, but sadly, here it was.

Friday’s coffee was just like Thursday’s: bitter and foamy with blotchy crema.

Although I’ll be reluctant to order bacon or coffee again at The Flour Factory, I am still keen to try the hotdogs and charcuterie (cured lamb belly served with house pickles and bread sounds terrific) – I hope to return for lunch or dinner.

The Flour Factory
16 Queen Street
Perth WA 6000
The breakfast menu (which isn’t included on The Flour Factory’s website) includes eggs (fried, poached, scrambled or 63 degree) on toast, a big breakfast fry-up and pancakes with berries and whipped cream, but besides what I ordered, dishes that really caught my eye were (interestingly, vegetarian): mushrooms, asparagus, hazelnut and egg yolk dressing on toast; and avocado, grilled tomato, feta, wattle seed and lemon myrtle honey on toast.

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63 degree eggs, charred corn, chorizo and beans. These really were fantastic eggs. 63 degree eggs, charred corn, chorizo and beans. These really were fantastic eggs.

Pancakes with banana and bacon (AU$15)Pancakes with banana and the tragedy of unsatisfying bacon (AU$15).

Baked treats on the front counter There are bakery treats on the front counter each day. These brownies with walnuts, pecans and salted caramel looked pretty good, but alas – no maclairs (a macaron-eclair hybrid, a specialty of The Flour Factory) or bacon pretzel salted caramel doughnuts. Even after a hearty breakfast, I’d have found room for either of those.

DSCF7722The place has the exposed brick look that’s become typical of Perth bars and cafes – history meets modern industry, rough meets smooth – with (thankfully) comfortable chairs. If the coffee had been better, I’d have ordered a second cup on both days.

The Flour Factory entrance on Queen Street The Flour Factory entrance on Queen Street.

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  • Prez

    Interesting that Venn has closed, I thought that was pretty well established.

    • I thought so too. Though we don’t know the circumstances behind why it closed.

  • Those eggs!! I think a trip for breakfast is now in order. If you go again, the lamchetta is an absolute must :)

    • Yep – the lambcetta’s on my list (I mentioned the cured lamb belly – same thing)! :D

  • Cindy M

    Oh no…the bacon wasn’t good. :-( There’s always got to be a first, I guess. I do like the “industrial” look too; it was popular in the States from late 1980s through early 2000s. Honestly, I don’t like the look of “63 degree eggs” … frankly it looks like my “chili soup” with eggs … for breakfast?? My “chili soup” is good, but not prepared like that. Those brownies – wow!! Salted caramel on top too. Yikes!! ;-)