Ducks hanging in window

Photo of the day: Self-portrait

Ducks hanging in the window with garlic, peppers and spring onions, framed beautifully in a window. And me in familiar pose, a reflection spoiling the composition.

Like many of the photographers I know, I much prefer taking pictures than being in them. Not surprisingly, I rarely take selfies. Even though I bought a selfie stick at Changi Airport on my last overseas trip (it seemed like a good idea at the time) I’ve barely used it. Most pictures I take of myself tend to be incidental – the unavoidable reflections in mirrors or windows while I’m photographing subjects other than myself.

I suppose I could edit myself out of this photo, but I quite like this ghosty self-portrait with the ducks, bags of whole garlic, peppers and bunches of spring onions – all the things I’m photographing, as usual, much more significant and interesting than me.

So here it is.

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  • Missbuggz

    An interesting picture – love the ghostly look and the simplicity of the (inanimate) subjects! However I do just want to point out a couple of things….
    I’ve followed your blog for some years…
    And worked with a number of people who’ve worked with you…
    and going on those two things combined with the really obvious warm, inclusive feeling of love in the pictures you share of your family and friends…

    there are few people more significant and interesting than you! ^_^

    *hands out well-deserved warm fuzzies and flies away*