Egg prato

Photo of the day: Egg Prato

It’s been a busy week at work. On Wednesday, I missed my tiny window to grab lunch between meetings and finally stopped to deal with my hunger pangs by eating a milk chocolate Freddo at 3pm (cue violins). On Thursday, I was determined to take a proper break, step outside, enjoy the sunshine and get a decent feed.

Last week, I blogged about the City of Perth’s food truck trial and the Comida do Sul Brazilian food truck, and mentioned that I’m slowly working my way through their menu. Today’s lunch was the Egg Prato (‘egg plate’, AU$12), with a fried egg, shoestring fries, crushed farofa (roasted Brazilian yam), vinagrete (tomato salsa), black beans, garlic kale and rice. The tender black beans looked like sludge but were absolutely delicious, and the egg was a beautiful sunny-side up with a bright gooey yolk. I wasn’t so keen on the crushed farofa, which was like sawdust underneath the fries – it may have been easier to eat/appreciate if it had been sprinkled over the beans. The vinagrete and garlic kale are terrific in the O Mutante ‘mutant’ sandwich but I think they’re even better in this combo, with rice (hidden under the red and green, in this picture). I got my decent feed, all right! And I reckon this would make an awesome breakfast.

For more details, see my previous blog post on the Comida do Sul food truck.

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