BLT for Pixel

It’s been a tough week, with the loss of our beloved 15-year-old cat Pixel. We’ve been trying to keep busy – not hard for me as work’s always busy – and at home, Jac has been cooking lots and cleaning out the garage. This morning, a wave of sadness over breakfast when we remembered we no longer have a fluffy food thief to guard our meals from. You’d think if the target was a BLT, she would go for the bacon – but Pixel was surprisingly fond of lettuce. Double pleasure if it was stolen off a plate, triple if it was stolen AND had a smear of mayo on it. Rest in peace, dear Pixel.

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  • Craig Hind

    Timtam also has a penchant for things green. It doesn’t matter what it is really, lettuce, herbs, shopping bags. If it’s green he’ll try to eat it.

    • Pixel liked to raid the shopping bags too. If you didn’t unpack quick enough she’d be right there grabbing a bite of lettuce or bok choy.

      • Craig Hind

        hehe, the funny little things they do!

  • Alessandra Litta Modignani

    Oh no :( Sorry for your loss!

  • Lilvicvic

    So sorry for your loss, TFP. She was a beauty and very lucky to have had a loving family with you and Jac. I’m sure Billy Lee was there to welcome her home. Rest in Peace, little one