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  • neila

    One of the places you’re advertising in your blog has been fined by the department of health. The Kitchen Inn Café was fined $19,000 on April 23, 2015. The restaurant failed to comply to such standards as: store food in such a way that is protected from the likelihood of contamination. Cleanliness of food premises. Cleanliness of fixtures, fittings and equipment. And… They failed to take all practical measures to eradicate and prevent the harborage of pests on the food premises. You probably shouldn’t keep recommending the place. I came across your blog because I looked up the cafe to make sure I hadn’t eaten there. Reading your detailed blog I just felt really sorry for you. Hope you didn’t get sick.

    • neila,
      My blog post on Kitchen Inn Café was published and is dated November 2011, so it’s several years old now. What I wrote was based on my experience at the time. No, I didn’t get sick. And there’s no need to feel sorry for me.

  • Rose

    Love your work Cynthia and have never been disappointed dining out with your recommendations, however my family and I had the same great experience the other night but dining in! Provided by Gourmet Republik a rather unassuming little food retailer that packs a rather big punch especially their butter chicken and as the sales assistant called it “white lasagna”. Thought you might be interested as I’m starting to notice an emerging trend with in house food services popping up… Keep up the good work and happy eating!

    • Hi Rose, so sorry about the late response. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you find the recommendations useful. I had a look at Gourmet Republik’s Facebook page – their food looks good.

  • SMW555

    Hi Cynthia, are you taking on any food photography/styling gigs this year? I am involved in a product launch and need pics in March. Cheers, Susanna

    • Hi Susanna,
      Apologies for the lateness of my reply. I have very limited capacity to take on gigs this year and won’t be available to take on something for March. Hope you manage to find someone! Regards, Cynthia

  • Irene McInerney

    Where a professional single in Hobart alone this year can enjoy and book a feast for herself for 25 Dec? Thank you. Irene

    • Irene, I’m no expert in this. When we went to Hobart for Christmas in 2013 there was four of us and we booked the Christmas lunch buffet at the Salamanca Inn, which was terrific. I have no idea where else is open on Christmas day this year – I think you’ll have to do some googling and see what you find.

  • Peter Chan

    Hi Cynthia, I’ve been reading your reviews of the Old Cathay Restaurant, Vic Park.. Have been there several times over the past few years but just realised they have closed down! Wanted to go for lunch today and maybe book a “raw fish” lunch with them for Chinese New Year in Jan 2017. Any suggestions for an alternative venue for “raw fish” in Perth?

    • Hi Peter,
      Yes, sadly, Old Cathay has closed down. In the months leading up to actually closing for good, a number of people (including us) had made bookings for dinner on separate, turned up and found the restaurant closed. No explanation, no effort made to contact anyone to advise that the bookings could not be fulfilled. We knew then there must be something up. In terms of yee sang, I don’t know, as we usually make ours (well, my mum makes ours). If I get any leads (soon!) I will let you know.

  • Peter Chan

    Thanks Cynthia, much appreciated.

  • Laura Dinsdale

    Hi Cynthia, I enjoyed your article on the Sweets ‘N’ Soul Pop Up Dessert Bar. I Would really love to get hold of the business owner so that I can discuss potential future casual leasing opportunities. Would you be able to pass on my contact details if I provide you with them? Or even advise me on another way that I can reach them?
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    • Hi Laura, are you interested in making contact with the dessert bar owner or the bar that hosted the popup?
      If you email me at thefoodpornographer[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know, I will respond accordingly.

  • Linh Pham

    Hi Cynthia,

    I’ve been following your blog since high school (8 years!). Just wondering if you have any tips on taking beautiful pictures? Especially one in a low lit restaurant?